Founded in January 2010, Smedio is the digital marketing guide for businesses and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to continuously define the business value of digital media by equipping you with the needed insights and innovative ideas to help your business grow, even more, by bringing you useful breaking news, latest trends, techniques, and business ideas you can share and use immediately.

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Smedio Team

Douglas Idugboe is the Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio. Douglas is a Canadian Bestselling Author and Infomercial Producer who has been featured by the Toronto Sun, Calgary Business, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Calgary Sun, CTV, CityTV, SHAW TV, and other media houses. He is also the Founder of Digital Marketers Academy, and Co-Founder and Chief Strategist at Cloudvate, a new media and digital marketing consultancy that advises businesses and entrepreneurs on how to use digital media to meet marketing and career objectives. Follow him on Twitter. You can contact him at editor[@]


Jay Adams, a graduate student at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University focusing on new and social media, is an Associate Writer at Smedio. Jay spent six years in the newspaper industry as a sports reporter before going back to school to pursue his passion of social media marketing.

Jay is now the Digital Media Content Manager for the Atlanta Falcons. He manages the day-to-day duties of the editorial staff for the Falcons, as well as creates content and builds the brand through blogging and social media. He manages and helps oversee the social media strategy and policies of the Atlanta Falcons along with the Falcons’ social media coordinator. As a personality, Jay’s philosophy is to make the Falcons’ fans feel like they’re one step away from the locker room, the coaching staff, the front office or any other department in the organization — and that one step is him. Follow him on Twitter. You can contact him at jayadams[@]


Gaurav Kheterpal, is an Editor at Smedio, a seasoned technology professional with nearly a decade of experience in Mobile, Web 2.0 and Social Media. Gaurav did his B.S from Thapar University, and his Masters from Birla Institute of Technology and Science. He has worked in several engineering positions for Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens and Conexant Systems. A techie by profession and a self proclaimed addict to the world of social media and collaboration. Besides being a tireless worker, he is a voracious reader and a compulsive writer. Gaurav is an avid follower of technology changes in mobile and social media domains. You can contact him at gaurav[@]


Alex UmoleAlex Umole, is an Associate Writer at Smedio, a Lawyer, and Keynote Speaker. Alex got his Masters Degree in Transnational Business Practice from the McGeorge School of Law in California. His extensive experience in diverse fields has enabled him to author four books and numerous articles. Alex is passionate about networking, social media, branding and marketing. He advises corporations in the areas of Law, Performance Improvement and Marketing. Follow him on Twitter. You can contact him at alexumole[@]


April Gregory, is an Associate Writer at Smedio, a marketing strategist and founder of AG Coaching and Consulting Group. She is the creator of Business Booster Boot-camp, a success system for Entrepreneurs. April has invoked the successes of many including multi-million dollar producing spas to individuals in the United States Marine Corps. She is passionate about working with consultants, entrepreneurs and marketing departments. Follow her on Twitter. You may contact her at april[@]


Jay V. Bakshi, is an Associate Writer at Smedio and President of Digiqom Solutions, an entrepreneur, marketer and social media evangelist, facilitating companies, governments and brands across the world to co-create their reputations and brand experiences with target communities. He has incubated, mentored and scaled start ups in Online Perception and Reputation Management, Social Media Conversations and Commerce, Global PR and media advocacy. Jay has led Corporate Communications and Marketing functions at Nokia, Hughes Software Systems (now Aricent), and HSBC and is active in industry forums such as T1E, IAN, IVCA. You may contact him at jvbakshi[@]


Juan Felix, is an Associate Writer at Smedio, a Political Scientist, a social media strategist and founder of Mirror Yourself. Juan got his Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam. His extensive experience in Marketing Research in diverse fields has enabled him to understand how to connect organizations with their customers. He wants to listen, educate, inspire and create. His guiding question for start ups is “Why” should anyone do business with you? He is passionate about the possibilities social media offer for sustainable business. He is specializes on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter. You may contact him at juan[@]

Sridhar Ramunajam, is a college student from India, and a Contributive Writer at Smedio. Sridhar is the Founder of GeekyTechStuff, and is passionate about blogging on social media and technology. Follow him on Twitter. You can contact him at sridhar[@]

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