Why You Shouldn’t Abandon Facebook and Twitter for Google+

There’s little doubt that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ form the ‘Big Three’ of the social media world. While Facebook and Twitter have been around for a while, Google+ is a recent phenomenon that’s growing at a scorching pace. While I strongly believe that all of these social networks operate mutually exclusively, there’s been no shortage of social media experts and critics who’ve drawn Google+ vs. Facebook and Google+ vs. Twitter comparisons.

Ever since Google+ launched, several public personalities and celebrities have openly announced their intention to abandon Facebook and Twitter in favor of Google+. Several polls (such as this one) indicate that a substantial proportion of users will abandon Facebook for Google+. Similarly, there’s no shortage of Google+ admirers who all of a sudden feel that they don’t need Twitter any longer.

As a social media veteran, I strongly believe it’s foolish to abandon Facebook and Twitter in for Google+ as they cater to specific social media needs. In this post, I present my case on why you shouldn’t abandon Facebook and Twitter for Google+.

It’s still early days!

As much as I admire Google+, it’s still early days. Google+ is close to 20 million members and it’s got there fairly quickly. However, it’s still got a lot of catching up to do before it can challenge Facebook and Twitter in terms of user base. Facebook has more than 750 million members and continues to grow at a scorching pace. While Twitter doesn’t’ show skyrocketing numbers, it still appeals the most to a large number of business users.

Google+ has been around for a month. In contrast, Facebook and Twitter have been around what seems like an eternity. They are the ‘been there, done that’ boys of social media which can’t be written off easily.

Business appeal

Nobody knows what Google+ business profiles will offer. In one of my earlier posts, I presented my thoughts on how Google+ could try to tap the business segment. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are proven business success stories in the social media world. From a business perspective, it makes little business sense to abandon your Facebook fans and Twitter followers in favor of a currently unknown phenomenon.

140 Characters!

Twitter is and will always be known for its 140 character limit. Though it initially comes across as a limitation, it is actually a blessing in disguise for Twitter users as they are enforced to use meaningful words to comply with the 140 char limit. That is what makes Twitter simple and effective to use. In contrast, Google+ offers an eat-all-you-can approach where I’ve been posts which are several paragraphs long.


Facebook is the big daddy of advertising in the social media world. It would be a brave assumption to make that Google+ will match or better Facebook’s advertising might. Facebook recently announced ‘Facebook for Business’ – an indication that it is no mood to rest on its current laurels and it’s well prepared for the Google+ challenge. Despite its phenomenal growth, it would be challenging for Google+ to match Facebook’s advertising strength.

Have you abandoned Facebook and Twitter in favor of Google+? Or do you believe Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can’t be replaced with one another? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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  1. SusieBlackmon

    I’d never abandon Twitter but Facebook? In a heartbeat! I firmly believe in Google+ and Twitter. 😉

  2. Ash Mashhadi (@inspirationguy)

    I’m enjoying G+ but it’s appeal for me is a long way behind that of Twitter. You make a very good point about Twitter. It’s popularity and value is not reflected in the numbers. There is tremendous loyalty and I firmly believe that Twitter’s value is attached to the 140 character limit. I worry that G+ may encourage verbal excess, just when we’re all complaining about information overload.

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  4. Ntwilson88

    This article is pretty weak. Nothing original or thought provoking here. Also, sweet thesis at the top, lol.

  5. Trish from Canberra, Australia

    I’ve made this comment before — facebook + twitter are now part of the collective consciousness — Google+ is dense + nerdy at the moment + will not replace either of it’s rivals for along time to come, if ever.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree it’s still early days for Google+. I will not abandon Twitter & Facebook for it. We’re overloaded with information and the 140 character limitation of Twitter is refreshing. And I will stay with Facebook because I want to stay connected with my 70+ years old mom, aunts, and uncles who are not likely to follow me in G+ anytime soon 🙂

  7. cara davis

    If Twitter is famous for character length and Facebook is known as an advertisers dream, what do you think will be the hallmark of Google+?

  8. Anonymous

    We’ll have to wait and see for Google + and how much it’s adopted, but for now I’d tell most businesses and people to focus on what works, but just dabble and get a presence on G+ just in case 😉

    I just hope they open the API soon.
    ~Tammy, CEO @MarketMeSuite:twitter 

  9. Digital I Production

    Google has the capital to wait and “appear” to be gaining market share. So far, I don’t  find the features compelling or anywhere near competitive for the other established social network platforms. However, since Google does have that Microsoftish “beat ’em or buy ’em out” business model, I have set my flag on my own piece of Google + real estate. 

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  11. CarlosQC

    I don’t trust Google, so I won’t join Google+ and this article makes a lot of sense.

  12. online shopping uk

    Google Plus is an innovative concept but it will definitely takes time to compete with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook!!

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  15. Chris

    I think the biggest problem with G+ is the name – by using the world Google they have made it seem geeky and people associate the service with the company’s “world domination”. I believe Android I partly so successful because it does not carry the Google brand. I’m not on G+ and won’t bother until enough of my friends hassle me to go on it.

  16. mishti

    I think you should have added “yet” at the end of the title. Google is a monopoly and they pretty much dominate every competitor these days except facebook and apple. I think they are just trying to catch up in that area using Android and Google+

  17. Greg Falken

    I think that yesterday’s announcement of the switch from Google Places to Google+ Local Pages changes the picture in a big way. Millions of businesses have just been added to Google+ without any action required by the business owner. Most would be foolish not to leverage their new visibility. Consumers are going to find themselves on Google+ simply by following links from Google Search and Maps.

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