What to Tweet When You Don’t Know What to Tweet

What to Tweet

What to Tweet

What to tweet? Many Twitter users experience a Tweeter’s block similar to writers who suffer from a Writer’s Block at some stage or the other in their life. They just don’t know what to tweet about? There are times when it becomes difficult for you as a Twitter user to decide what to tweet about and what isn’t worth tweeting.

If you are facing a tweeting dilemma, be rest assured that you are not the only one experiencing it in Tweetosphere. As a Twitter user, your tweets decide the popularity of your business and brand. Just follow these 5 simple rules on what to tweet when you don’t know what to tweet about!

1) Activities and Goals

If you are finding it hard to tweet about any other topic, tweet about what you are currently doing and what are your future goals. Many of your followers will surely reply back to your tweets with their suggestions on how you can improve or what else you can do. If you are about to take up a new professional assignment or about to take a big decision in your personal life, Twitter is a great place to get blessings and good wishes from your followers. It will brighten up your day.

2) Questions and Polls

Twitter is all about conversations and most Twitter users love to get engaged in conversations. Ask a question to your followers and encourage them to tweet their opinions about it. Conduct a poll and encourage your followers to participate in it. Ask your followers to retweet the poll messages to their followers. This not only helps ensure maximum participation in the polls but also helps increase your Twitter following.

3) Retweet

If you are completely lost and you can’t think of anything that’s worth tweeting about, switch to retweeting. There are millions of Twitter users coming up with numerous interesting tweets every second. If you find their tweets fun and interesting, make sure to retweet them. It’s a great way to share funny one-liners, famous quotes and/ or interesting links/ resources.

However, it’s best to adopt a cautious balance between tweeting and retweeting. You do not want to be dubbed as someone who just retweets others messages and has no originality.

4) Photo Tweets

If you have a photograph that you want to share with your Twitter followers, just upload it to Flickr, Picasa, or directly on Twitter and then use Twitter photo service to tweet about your photo.

The best part is that many mobile apps allow you to directly upload photos from your cellphone to Twitter. Almost every decent smartphone comes equipped with a camera these days. So, it’s easy to click a photo and then tweet about it all from your cellphone in a matter of a couple of seconds.

5) Help Others

Twitter is a great medium to help other users. The more you help others, there’s a good chance that they will reciprocate the favor by following you. Spread the word about sales, discounts or events in the local community. Share tips on your favorite gadgets and devices.

If you are stuck in a massive traffic jam, tweet about it to your local followers so that they can switch to alternate traffic routes.

There’s so much happening around us that we should never run out of ideas about what to tweet. However, there are times when one does not know what to say, what to write and what to tweet. I hope these tips do come in handy for those tricky times when you don’t know what to tweet. Any other suggestions on what one should tweet about? Please leave a comment below. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

Happy Tweeting!

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