The Brand and How to Build It Fast with Douglas Idugboe

The Brand with Douglas IdugboeThe brand and branding remain dear subjects to most businesses and entrepreneurs but they have continuously been misconstrued and implemented. This video helps you understand what a brand is and how to start branding fast. Firstly, What is branding?

Branding gives every business the opportunity to really stand out by demonstrating its core values and expertise and offering it to others as the brand. The brand is a perception based on emotion and defined by the experience others have when doing business either directly or indirectly with the brand in a free market.

The logo (the identity) of a brand is only a small part—it has a symbolic meaning. However, how people feel about a brand comes from the consistency or inconsistency in the experience and the feeling often triggered by what comes to mind when thinking of or seeing the brand and its logo.

Understanding what you stand for and how you want to be perceived and showing up that way is absolutely critical for every brand, particularly in the world of social media. I strongly suggest that businesses define their unique Brand DNA by digging deep to uncover their unique style (personality), core values, standards and differentiators, and by putting a stake in the ground by declaring and living up to a brand promise. Providing value in the market starts internally, with defining who you are and showing up in every way possible that reflects your unique value proposition.

The brand enables every brand to give to the world based on what they believe in and what they uniquely have to offer.

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
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