The 7 Types of Bloggers

Types of BloggersIn the last couple of weeks, I’ve covered the major fundamentals of blogging including how to blog, where to blog, how do you make your blog successful and lastly how to promote your blog using old media.

So, are all bloggers alike? What makes a particular blog stand out from others? What are the various types of bloggers and how is their approach to blogging different from each other? In this post, I talk about the 7 types of bloggers.


Expert bloggers are generally the been-there-done-that folks who’ve established themselves as subject matter experts in a specific field. These bloggers offer useful insights and tips to their readers about a specific domain. Their motivation is to help others achieve success in the same field by offering tips, advice using their professional experience.


Believe it or not, several bloggers have made a fortune by launching a blog about the right topic at the right time. For such bloggers, it’s all about grabbing eyeballs (read traffic) and making the most of the opportunity at hand. For example, they’d typically launch a new blog when a new high profile product/ service is launched and try to make monetary gains through advertisements, backlinks or similar means.


And then there are bloggers who try to promote and soft sell certain products and services to their audiences. It’s fine as long as they do it in a subtle way and do not cross the line. The objective is to educate users about a particular product/ service and then pitch why readers should opt for it. Such bloggers need to draw a fine line to ensure that they do not offend readers with pushy promotions.


A number of bloggers use blogs as a medium to express their opinions on anything and everything. Such bloggers are typically a mixed bag for readers – they can produce valuable insights for the readers but they can also get involved in controversial postings. Their primary intention is to be heard and encourage readers to do the same.

News Reporters

There’s a whole breed of bloggers thriving on news. All they do is relay popular news on their blogs to gain traffic. Their primary focus is to earn revenue using SEO and advertisements. They often combine news content from multiple sites and serve as aggregators.


A number of bloggers blog because it brings them publicity and fame. Most celebrity bloggers fall in this category. A blog provides them with a public channel to interact with their fans and critics.


Last but not the least, there are bloggers who inspire their readers. These are people with whom the audience can relate to, and inspire them to achieve what they want. The idea is that users can learn from their mistakes, get new ideas from them, and get inspired to fulfill their goals.

So, which category do you fall in? Please have your say by leaving a comment.

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
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