Social Marketing Power Tools You Should Be Using

There’s no doubt social marketing is great for new customer and client development, and for fostering relationships with them. Done right, social marketing is a powerful business tool. But done poorly, it can be a waste of time in relative obscurity. For at the end of the day, success with social marketing isn’t about numbers; it’s about fostering relationships through engaging conversations.

As in traditional marketing, targeting your time and resources to the best audience should be a top priority. So, to make power-posting your business updates, discounts and package deals pay off, put some of these social media tools to work first:


With over 400 million subscribers and growing every day, Facebook is the largest online social media network, capable of delivering your business a huge, built-in customer base with which to build relations. Some of the best Facebook tools to use to this end are:

  • Facebook Ads. With demographic information that’s available, your ads can easily focus on the right people on their own pages, and people are receptive to Facebook ads. A solid tool that’s quite affordable and capable of attracting attention to your network.
  • Facebook News Feed. Use the News Feed tool to market your profile page, blog and/or website. With the News Feed, you’re able to announce what’s going on with your business to your network.
  • Facebook Groups. Join a few groups that suit your business goals or niche and participate, showing your knowledge and leadership. Once the group becomes acquainted with you, expose them to your business opportunity or pitch.
  • Facebook Fan Page. Creating a Facebook page gives you a direct channel to foster your relationship with as many current and potential customers that choose to join your fan page. It allows you to freely talk about your business and what you do without being slammed with terms of use violation by Facebook.


People are eager to connect with others who share their interests; Twitter makes it simple to do so with ease. With more 75 million users, Twitter provides vast and immediate opportunities to find and follow people who may be interested in your product or service. To build your company’s brand image, check out these easy Twitter tools:

  • is a Twitter tool that does a great job of not only helping you identify upgrade who you want to follow on Twitter, it can provide you additional exposure and contacts as well.
  •, acquired by Twitter in July 2008, is a standalone service, which allows marketers to filter relevant Twitter conversations based on any search term you enter.
  • is another Twitter app that’s making noise. Use it to monitor your brand or niche in real-time tweets.


This social marketing tool offers a set of applications that allow monitoring your brand, identifying your audience, filtering conversations, keyword tracking and more across multiple social media accounts simultaneously. PeopleBrowsr also enables marketers to build campaigns, complete with tweet templates that can be customized to respond to followers and/or send new messages to others.

With social media marketing, we can’t be all self-promotion, as if bellowing through a virtual megaphone. A one-way, one-sided conversation does not a loyal customer make. So, as you build your social network using these tools, remember to keep it service-oriented, friendly, and conversational. The more you humanize, bring personality to you brand, sales are sure to follow.

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
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