Rich Tweet Poor Tweet!

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Rich Tweet Poor Tweet e1275384883589 Rich Tweet Poor Tweet!I often come across Twitter users who face the eternal dilemma of what to tweet and what not to tweet. Tweets should be interesting and appealing. A good tweet attracts a large number of users and I regard it as a rich tweet. A boring and lackluster tweet is of no use and serves little purpose and I call them poor tweets.

While rich tweets are not a means of making you rich overnight, they represent a best practice on how you can use Twitter efficiently in order to promote your business and boost revenues.

In this post, I present 10 tips on how to write ‘Rich Tweets’ and 10 guidelines to avoid ‘Poor Tweets’.

Tips for Rich Tweets

1)    Mind the 140-char limit – I’m a firm believe in saying more with less and coincidentally Twitter works on this philosophy as well. Be judicious in choosing the words for your tweet. Avoid fancy words and jargon – they just don’t work in Twitter.

2)    Add a personal touch – Twitter is after all a social media network for you to express yourself. Add a dose of humor or put some of your imaginative and innovative ideas to work.

3)    Retweet other rich tweets – If you find a tweet interesting, retweet it to your followers. A rich tweet only makes yours richer, even if it’s not your own.

4)   Ask questions and seek people’s opinion – I love thought-provoking tweets and I bet most Twitter users think alike.

5)    Provide answers and guidance – Many users join Twitter hoping to get connected to find expert guidance on specific topics. If you are knowledgeable in a certain area, tweet with answers to questions posed by your followers.

6)    Blog Posts – Tweets are a great way to spread the word about interesting blog posts. It does not matter if these posts are authored by you or someone else – if it’s interesting, it deserves to be tweeted.

7)    Inspiration Quotes – Tweet about optimism and inspiration and see the magic of retweeting in action. Inspirational tweets are infectious and spread like fire in Tweetosphere.

8)    Celebration Tweets – If you’ve accomplished something big or are celebrating a milestone, tweet about it to let your followers know about it in a non-boastful way.

9)    Informational Tweets – If you find some interesting information that’s worth sharing, do not hesitate to tweet about it.

10) Photo Tweets – Your followers love to see you so don’t be shy in posting your photos and tweeting about them. One word of caution – Don’t overdo it!

Guidelines to avoid Poor Tweets

1)    Do not be abusive or temperamental in your Tweets – No body wants to read derogatory tweets.

2)    Do not crib – Most of your followers won’t appreciate it. Further, you’ll feel guilty and a sense of public shaming can creep into your mind.

3)    Out of context – If people can’t make sense out of a tweet, it surely doesn’t deserve to be tweeted. If people can’t understand what you are tweeting about, it is of little use.

4)    Self-Boasting – Your followers know you in and out so you don’t need to resort to self-boasting through your tweets.

5)    Personal Life – If you are going through a divorce or a broken relationship, what’s the point in publicizing it on Twitter? If you had great sex, keep it to the bedroom. You don’t need to prove yourself as a macho by tweeting about it.

6)    Confidential Business Information – It’s unethical and a sure shot recipe to land you in massive trouble.

7)    Number of Followers – It’s ridiculous to tweet about your constantly growing number of followers. Its public information on Twitter and everyone can see it – no need to boast about it.

8)     Avoid conflict of interest – It’s no fun getting into an altercation with your followers on Twitter.

9)    Don’t Spam – If you do so, you are asking for trouble.

10) Boring Tweets – If you don’t find it interesting, don’t tweet or retweet it. No one has the time to read through boring and un-interesting tweets.

Happy Tweeting!

 Rich Tweet Poor Tweet!

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
 Rich Tweet Poor Tweet!
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