Smart Ways to Get Social and Profitable on Pinterest in 2014

Pinterest Marketing
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Pinterest Marketing Smart Ways to Get Social and Profitable on Pinterest in 2014

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. In this article you will learn simple ways to use Pinterest marketing in a social and profitable way in your business. After surpassing 70 million users in 2013, Pinterest gained footing in the international market. According to TheNextWeb, international users could surpass Americans users in the next 18 months. Mashable reports that 82 percent of active Pinterest users were women, who are responsible for the vast majority of consumer purchases.

Retail businesses would be crazy to avoid Pinterest, but all businesses can use this rapidly growing platform to their advantage. The social media giant’s casual environment provides a place to humanize your brand while connecting with potential customers. Marketing managers will appreciate a number of advanced analytical tools that will help them track their Pinterest progress.

Get Pinterest Friendly

Whether or not you’re active on Pinterest, a Pin-friendly website can help your business spread its reach and earn media. With the “Pin It” widget, users can Pin products, services and content directly from your website to their Pinterest profiles. Other users can see this post and follow the link if they’re interested. One caveat to the “Pin It” widget: users can only post links if they have pictures that are at least 100 x 200 pixels large. Include images on every post and you’ll take advantage of free advertising from trusted advocates. Once you make your own business Pinterest account, you can add the button to the other social links on your website.

Become an Active Member of Pinterest

If you’re looking for success, start by joining the Pinterest community as an active member. Organize your Pin boards by categories. Include Pin boards dedicated to your products and services, other businesses that you like, and behind-the-scenes access to your company and industry tips. Content marketing agency iAcquire has a Pin board named “Fun at iAcquire” that shows of the company’s culture and camaraderie. Pinterest is the perfect platform to humanize your company and connect with potential customers on a personal level. As you continue to interact and build your profile, you’ll gather followers who will learn about your array of products and services. What more could you ask for from a marketing platform?

Track Your Pinterest Marketing Progress

Time spent investing in Pinterest marketing is money, so businesses need to ensure they’re getting a worth-while return. A number of analytical tools can help your business track your progress. Pinterest offers its own web analytics centers that reveal pins, re-pins, impressions and reach. As your business Pins different content, you’ll get a clearer picture of what users appreciate and what they avoid.

Piqora is a third-party marketing suite that offers a more granular look at how Pinterest affects your business. Piqora users can calculate how Pinterest activity translates to business by measuring revenue per pin, follower growth, re-pin rate and visits per pin. These technical platforms transform Pinterest into a trackable, scalable marketing tool. Maybe you’ll learn that Pinterest users aren’t interested in your businesses offerings. With 70 million people on this free platform, however, it can’t hurt to try Pinterest marketing.

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 Smart Ways to Get Social and Profitable on Pinterest in 2014

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 Smart Ways to Get Social and Profitable on Pinterest in 2014
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