Is Google+ Dead, Dying or Still Alive?

Google Plus Traffic LevelThe Google+ euphoria finally seems to be settling down. There’s no doubt that Google’s second innings in social media started with a bang – Google+ came, saw and conquered the hearts of people all over the world. Google+ had the wow factor and it hit other social media networks where it hurts the most.

However, despite the initial enthusiasm over Google+, I never believed that it would emerge as an alternate to Facebook, Twitter or any other social network for that matter. I know of several people who were quick to jump ship from Facebook and Twitter claiming Google+ would eventually rule them all.

Though Google finally tasted social media success with Google+ and it’s a great ambassador to the cause of social media, I can’t help question if it has the legs to compete in the mainstream social media segment and for how long.

Sustainable Growth?

Facebook took about 35 months to get 25 million visitors. It took Twitter more than 30 months and it took Myspace more than 20 months to reach the 25 million-user mark. In contrast, Google+ has crossed this landmark in less than 30 days. Call it the launch hype or the might of Google’s marketing machine, G+ started off on an impressive note.

However, unlike Facebook which boasts of a 750+ million ‘active’ user, Google+ has fallen short of being able to keep users hooked. It started off with ‘let’s see what Google+ is about’ and once the curiosity was over, a lot of people haven’t looked back at Google+. On the other hand, there are hardcore G+ followers who believe it’s a cult social media network and it’s here to stay forever.

None the less, I still have my doubts on whether G+ can sustain its astronomical growth figures.


For the last several months, we’ve been hearing that Google+ business profiles are coming ‘soon’ and now the delays are beginning to hurt Google big time. Google could have made serious inroads into the business segment with a timely release of G+ business profiles. However, it instead chose to impart G+ a fun flavor with interactive gaming.

In my opinion, G+ needs an active business user community in order to compete with Facebook in this keenly contested lucrative segment.

The Facebook Effect

You don’t mess with the big boys or else you end up paying for it. Google+ publicized Facebook’s weaknesses and leveraged the same for promoting itself. As expected, Facebook hit back in style, coming up with one killer feature after the other including smart lists, simplified privacy, innovative features like timeline, improved advertisements etc.

I’ve come across a number of Facebook addicts who jumped ship to G+ and have made Facebook home again in wake of the recent changes brought about by the world’s leading social network. To make things even more interesting, Facebook recently launched the ultra cool iPad app, an area where G+ lacks badly.

Coming back to my original question – is Google+ dead, dying or still alive? I’d say it’s premature to claim that Google+ is dead. However, there’s no doubt that G+ has lost some of its aura and it would be interesting to see if it’s got the legs to compete in mainstream social media. What do you think of the future of Google+? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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  1. Omar Watson

    Google+ needs the media train in its corner. Facebook surpassed MySpace simply because the media embraced Facebook. Who didn’t know of Facebook all had to know because on every channel you had anchors and celebs saying post your comments on Facebook. MySpace lost traction from that point. Except for uber geeks and maybe the few that saw media blitz Google+ doesn’t have any real brand recognition. If I walk around and ask the average Joe do you know about Google+? The main answer is going to be Google who? Now ask if they know of Facebook? Who the hell doesn’t?

  2. Heiyall

    Google+ is still alive! I use it more then facebook.

    1. Harry Lucas

      Me too!

  3. Rusty Purkiss

    There are different type of social media sites, and I do not think that Google+ should try to be Facebook nor should Facebook try to be Google+.  They both have a place and so far I have really enjoyed Google+ for the fact that I have befriended so many more people of like mind faster than I had with Facebook.
    FB has been great for family and friends, Google+ so far at least in my experience has been better for connecting on a different level as has LinkedIn who has never attempted to be like anyone else, it has it’s place. 
    Numbers are not ALL that important as each platform has it’s target audience.  Google in general has a lot in it’s favor commercially because it covers many different online services all in one, and that will remain unique regardless.

    1. TheMan

      Agreed.  Facebook is where you might share all your photos of the cottage, or so-and-so’s birthday party (in my eyes).  Whereas, G+ is something more along the lines of a business oriented, or LinkedIn type of social network.  They should really play up that angle.

  4. Katharina Schnorr

    Funny you ask. I wrote a post ( ) on August, 4, telling why I avoided Google+ even though I set up an account. My feelings are still the same and I guess many people feel the same.

    1. georgi kaua

      LOL is funny there only 10 people  in your circle & 9 have you in their circle, talking about DEAD STREAM.G+ is way BETTER than FB/Twitter,Google Plus is FB/TWITTER IN ONE!!! 

  5. Matti Partonen

    Well Douglas, somebody likes mom and and somebody likes daughter or reverse, anyway i see G+ way back better than Facebook! I had 2 years Twitter account and in gain few very good friends for real, but then there were lots of spammers and other faceless people who try to make use of you or just want to be nasty and even evil for you.So far G+ has been very clean and interesting platform for me and i am looking forward in future to see how thing are developing further. 
    You are right about that many people started to use G+ as maybe because it is fresh new way to connect with others and then they have left from G+, because it has not been sort of as they have expected to be.

  6. Michelle

    We also have to remember that Facebook required a college email address for sign up back when it started, and it still attracted large numbers to Twitter’s and G+’s public access.

    G+ isn’t providing anything special, which is why most people aren’t switching over completely. People are more willing to adapt (to FB changes) than completely start over (with G+). All their pictures, friends, family etc etc etc have been built up over time on FB. Can you really blame people for not jumping ship to G+? I certainly can’t, which is why I haven’t. I have a G+, but I’m not active.

    1. Wordyless

      Facebook allows you to download your entire profile from the inception to current. I did that and then deleted all of my friends. I spend the majority of my time on G+ and I haven’t been back to Facebook.

  7. Engin Daloglu

    I barely use G+. I think it’s pretty much over.

    1. Wordyless

      Engin, just because you barely use it doesn’t mean it’s pretty much over. I guess on the flip side it can be said that just because I’m on G+ all day everyday doesn’t mean that it will be a success. I LOVE G+ because it allows for extended conversations on topics. I feel like it’s the best part of twitter. 

      On twitter, people are constantly posting links, but there is very little discussion around those links. Whereas on G+, people post links and there are some deep and intense discussions going on around the subject.  I’ve been on posts that have gotten up to almost 200 discussion responses.

    2. Eric Miltsch

      Well, there ya have it. He barely uses it, so it’s pretty much over.

  8. Phil Ruse

    While you’re right that Facebook hit back, the killer features you mention are nearly all Google+ features – kudos to Facebook for being agile enough to copy them so quickly. I don’t think it’s dead, but if G+ is to survive, Google will have to be in it for the long long term, it’ll only win subscribers through attrition or Facebook messing up badly – which is unlikely. 

    Personally, for me the thing lacking is the API, such that I can then read/update G+ from 3rd-party tools, Tweetdeck for example. An easy ability to stuff my last status update – or a summary – on my website or blog. All the integration stuff that makes it as easy to use G+ as Twitter or Facebook.

  9. Bob Foley

     My ‘circles’ are still heavily on Twitter, Facebook and even within LinkedIn
    groups.  Although I do have some connections on +, there are only enough for me
    to log on just occasionally.  And that I have ‘circles’ and groups on Twitter,
    Facebook and Linkedin to keep up with, G+ will just add to my fatigue.

  10. Anonymous

    I have tried so many times to force myself to use G+, and I’m just …bored when I’m there.  It is truly the most boring (for lack of another descriptive) of all social networks.  I don;t like FB at all either though. Never have. But my family and friends are all on there, so I’ll never completely leave.  I love Twitter, but feel that sits in a different space.  I personally believe G+ will die a slow, painful and expensive death.

    1. georgi kaua

      LOL i don’t  like FB either,hahaha and yet you are using it because of friends & families there lol. G+ is NOT FB/Twitter,is much more than a social network, FB is for friends/Families- Twitter is for BREAKING stuff&quick sharing stuff. G+ is all in ONE,friends/Families/Strangers that what make G+ UNIQUE. I follow many more peoples on G+,friends/Families/Strangers than on FB,and my stream is full,always have some interesting stuff in it to read & watch and interacting with complete strangers,who have the same interest as you& sometime doesn’t have the same interest as you have,and always having some good exange in comments,and in Hangout NEVER GET BORED!!! G+ RULES HANDS DOWN!!!

      1. Anonymous

        No – I may have not explained it correctly.  I use twitter for everyone but my parents, etc.  I don’t use FB at all outside of putting up photos from family holidays, etc.  I like twitter because it is simple, quick and easy. Clean. G+ is, in my opinion, in the early stages of facebook (and/or myspace) where they are setting the stage for trying to become everything for everyone.  It will become cluttered and frustrating for most.  They are entering the market to late to make the dent they need to in the Facebook space, but not as  simple and unweighted as twitter.  So, I am guessing that they will never achieve the success of wither network in traffic or loyalty.

  11. georgi kaua

    Is SMEDIO DEAD/DYING/or BARELY ALIVE? WTF is this SHIT? never heard of Smedio if it wasn’t for Twitter/G+ lolololololololol

  12. Taylor Marek

    Not gonna say dead, but I did call it and you quoted it. I don’t think Google themselves were trying to enter as a “Facebook Killer” but as an experiment of their own. Remember Google Wave? One experiment among many. Not a failure, more of a learning experience. 😉

  13. Manure Tea Gardening

    As a business owner I have been waiting for G+ business addition however when and if it ever happens I will still remain with twitter and fb… That’s were I started my business!

  14. Terez

    In my opinion, Google+ is very much alive.  Do I think it will “kill” Facebook or Twitter? No, but I do think Google+ has  a few key advantages which make it a unique addition to the crowded social media space – and why it’s been my main platform of choice.

    1.  Engineer and development staff engagement.  One thing I’ve noticed about Google+ is  the development team and engineers actively and frequently engage with the users. They encourage user suggestions on how to improve the serivce. Then they ACT on those suggestions.  Google staffers also participate in “hangouts” (Google video+audio conferencing feature) with the public, and  release video updates.  It’s also very easy to follow (“circle”) most of the various members of the development team.  Tell me the last time any engineer from Facebook or Twitter engaged with their respective communities at that level?   It’s this kind of involvement that separates Google+ from the pack – and why it’s very premature to write them off.

    2.  The Google+ interface.   The interface is sleek and minimal.  Can you say that about Facebook?  Another thing you will notice is the lack of annoying ads and silly games cluttering up the interface.  Just  pull up the Google+ and  Facebook stream in windows side by side for a visual comparison.  Also, photographs are gorgeously displayed on Google+.  I also think the circles concept is ulitmately more inituitve to use than Facebook’s friend or subscribe to optons.   No, I think Google+ has carved out it own unique space in the social media crowed which will be very attractive to many people.  I know I’m a convert.

  15. Terri Nakamura

    Douglas, I think Google+ is very much alive. I have a friends who have left Twitter entirely and love it. 

    As people become acquainted with its interface and conventions, I believe it will be used consistently by more and more people.

    Wishing you well/Terri

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  17. Brian Anim8us

    If G+ releases the ability for corporate accounts, I will develop a community around my sites. If not, I can get all the interaction I want from other social media tools.

  18. Rory Natkiel

    Sorry but it’s just way, way, way too early to write a post like this! Google + is barely a few months old and you seem to expect it to have taken over from Facebook already.

    Personally I like it and think it has real potential. Smart lists might have been Facebook’s answer to Circles, but there are hundreds of people I don’t want share my Facebook activity with, that I’d like to be able to connect with in a slightly deeper way than Twitter.  Oh, and the Facebook ipad app is really poor too!

    Google have taken a confident step into the social  space with +, and as you point out the business pages haven’t even been rolled out yet. It took Facebook years to develop their ‘pages’ for brands – why do you expect Google to have everything ready to go right now?

    Patience seems to be in low supply in the social media community. Come back in 2 years and then maybe we’ll be able to realistically assess whether Google+ is dead or not.

    1. Marquita Thomas

      I agree with you in some respects Rory but my perception of the “alive, dying, dead” comparison was being made based on whether or not the people who had signed up for it were active, will continue to be active or are likely to return rather than whether or not G+ was going to literally die a la Myspace.

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  20. 2d barcodes

    Google+ is still alive, but it needs
    upgrade soon with some amazing feature to sustain in the market. For now
    facebook is doing great work by coming with something interesting every day.

  21. Developer

    Dead. Hate it. Go away.

  22. Anonymous

    Only a few angry techy google fanbois are left on it…


  23. Anonymous

    Only a few angry techy google fanbois are left on it…


  24. Tyler Durden

    orkut DEAD
    google answers DEAD
    buzz DEAD
    wave DEAD
    google+ DYING

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  27. TheMan

    Thing is, Google Plus may never actually ‘die’, as it could become a niche social network for techies and such.  But as long as Facebook keeps doing what they’re doing, Google will never come close to being any sort of blip on Facebook’s radar.

    I love watching Google swallow down the very same poison they inflict upon other startup companies on the web.  They don’t let anybody compete with them whatsoever.  They buy them out and are done with it.  I am really enjoying Facebook make Google look silly on this one.

  28. Justin Rondeau

    The main reasons businesses were tolerated on Facebook was because Facebook became the cornerstone to digital identity long before the business launch. People had integrated Facebook into their daily routine and when they added Businesses people weren’t likely to stop using Facebook. 

    We shouldn’t compare the time it took Facebook and Google+ to get to 25 million users, this statistic is a bit misleading. Facebook’s success wasn’t due to the speed at which they grew, but was at the consistent minor changes they implemented over time. Google+ is trying to speed up the process, and since Google+ isn’t a cornerstone of people’s digital identity it will likely fizzle away.

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  31. Caryn Starr-Gates

    New to Google+ and must say I am non-plussed by it. I forget to go on, have not bothered to look for anyone to add to circles, and find it all a bit annoying. Would not miss it if it evaporated. Finding it hard to get excited about setting up a whole new arena there.

  32. Nazareth Berlanga

    It IS a social network, designed to take out Facebook, who are we kidding? The reason it is flopping is because Facebook was first and no one wants to uproot from it and leave behind all their friends and other contacts. Should they attempt to do so, they will find themselves roaming in a barren wasteland called Google+. No one is on it, because no one is on it, you can’t be social on a desert island. I guess the logic was “if you build it, they will come”. They did come, yawned and left. Perhaps a few of you fan-boys might want to create a new profile, called “Wilson”, add it to your close circle of friends and then post to it.

  33. William MATAR

    Dead or not dead.. the essential.. is I love it and I use from Lebanon, and already gets two business becz of it.. being in a TV show as a host and a beautiful article in a magazine.. so it is useful and getting business from it…

  34. Chris Hennick

    Google+ will always have its niche market. I can think of three reasons to have switched from Facebook to Google+: (a) you disliked the culture of party photos, viral marketing, and devaluation of the word “friend”; (b) you liked being an early adopter; (c) you were concerned about security and privacy. I don’t think I’m the only person who fell into all three of those categories, and who found all my friends and family falling into at least one.

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    Google+ is still alive
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  38. Loewen Kho

    Google+ v2.0 will determine if google+ will die out. You’re right, it’s too early to make a conclusion. If they can just come up with great features and better marketing campaigns, a comeback is possible.

  39. Shane

    Google+ now has over 170 million users.

  40. Max Minzer

    Should rephrase article title and the main question to:
    Is Facebook Dead, Dying or Still Alive?

    It’s definitely dying. Telling you – the time of Facebook is over; big time. Not necessarily because of Google+. I’m not trying to compare the two – they are different. It’s just more and more people sick of Facebook each day.I can’t believe people still doubt Google+. Honestly. Sorry – I don’t understand you people. Open your eyes! Start engaging and you’ll actually see the “inside” and possibilities.
    No engagement = no expectations and no results.
    It’ll be just “another” network for you.
    Same for Twitter.
    Same for Facebook.

    And yes – like someone else said in the other comment – the way I heard about Smedio was through Google+. 

    I don’t target you, Douglas. I’d never do that, honestly.
    But I checked your profile (couldn’t resist). 2400+ followers and only 0-2 +1’s for each post.
    I’m NOBODY on Google+ (or anywhere else online). I only have 99 followers right now.
    Most of them I just met through Google+. No close relationship or connections from other prior networks.
    But, I’m trying to be extremely humble here (honestly), I have more engagement Google+ with these 99 people than you do with 2400+. I’m sorry I said that.
    I know people with just over 1000 followers getting huge conversations, +1s and shares. For me it’s all about engagement. Doesn’t matter what the network is. Don’t blame or doubt the network.

    Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong somewhere. Absolutely no hate intended.

  41. John Counsel

    It will be interesting to see how Google+ fares now that Google Places has been forcibly transported as Google+ Local.

    Google handled the transition poorly, alienating and confusing its existing Google Places users and business consultants.

    The announcement by Apple of its upcoming release of Apple Maps (and abandonment of Google Maps in its apps), together with its partnership with Yelp! to publish reviews (especially in the light of Google’s abandonment of Yelp! content following Yelp’s successful law suit for copyright infringement by Google) seemed intended to capitalize on the confusion and disenchantment over Google+ Local — but time will tell, once Apple actually releases its new project to the marketplace in coming months.

    We live in interesting times!

  42. Frank Woodman Jr

    Google+ missed the boat again as all of Google’s Social media attempts have done. They needed to realize that their first move should have been in the Business arena. That’s their strong point and they could have easily tied all their on line productively suits into Google+ making it the go to landing site for Social media for lots of businesses. Just imagine Google+ allowing all the business that are using Google’s business app, web sites, phone services, and such to port them over to use with Google+. Now that’s a Business Social media site that could crush FB in the business area and make it the Social media answer for companies to offer to their employees as a medium of communication. When will it hit Google that it’s the business arena that FaceBook is weakest in and has little to offer businesses but the like button and a home page that’s almost impossible to really customize.

    But no they chose to fight FaceBook in the area that they have the littlest chance of over taking them individual social media users. Once a site reaches the kind of critical mass of users that FB has it’s not going to be easy to push them out of the way. And you sure don’t do it attacking them at their strongest point.

    So wake up Google it’s not too late reach out and make businesses your focus on Google+ and the users will follow soon enough.

  43. Rollmodl

    Google should stick to what they do best and improve on it, searches. They are trying to be everything to everyone. In their quest for world dominance their competitiveness has caused them to lose focus.

  44. Siddhi Panchal

    I love using google+ and even use facebook. For some change google+ is the best alternative, it has some awesome features which even fb doesn’t have.

  45. Lenise Ligon

    Hi Doug,

    Appreciated the article; you make some valid points. I don’t have a Facebook account…only Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

    I’m constantly checking my timeline on Twitter and sending updates. I primarily used Google+ for sharing pictures and videos because of the YouTube and Flickr intergration. But lately I’ve been using Instagram for sharing pictures / videos.

    I like Google+ so I don’t think “it’s dead” however I just don’t find the same level of interaction with my peers when using it.

  46. John Elliott

    Dead. Never alive really. Just the might of a big machine keeping it on life support after being still born. Seriously, is there a single, sustainable competitive advantage it has to offer. Sure, it has some nice innovations, but none have been or will be defensible. Unless FB steps in it, G+ has been and will ever remain dead.

  47. Shelly-Ann Roper

    I think its getting there. The momentum is still on it. Perhaps if they find a way to incorporate it more directly with emails then it would gain more heads up.

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