How to Leverage Cloud Computing as a Trend in 2013

Cloud Computing TrendWith the development of cloud computing, IT trends are taking a new form and the new ways businesses have started exploiting such services are also evolving. The upcoming trends expected in 2013 indicate that businesses will be applying powerful cloud computing approaches for attaining their goals. In this article, I will be discussing cloud computing as a rising trend among businesses as well as some of the expected trends related to it in 2013.

According to the Vanson Bourne survey conducted among UK companies, about 93% of financial executives expect that cloud computing will be one of the most important elements for business success in next three years. The survey also revealed that 68% of the surveyed companies had already adopted cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing increases the contribution of the IT department within a company to overall corporate strategy and boosts the innovative ability of the IT division. The rising trend of cloud computing in business is enough to predict what’s going to happen throughout the corporate world in 2013 as far as the cloud computing technology is concerned. Let’s have a look at some of the expected trends that will be prevailing.

Mobile Cloud Computing

Last year already observed the rising popularity of mobile devices. In 2013, more people are expected to work using diverse devices like smart phones, tablets etc, by working from home via the internet. This will need a more flexible and efficient approach for leadership, human resources and management. Also, businesses will be required to provide their staff with some additional tools to leverage the concept of ‘working from home’ more effectively. This year, the basic prerequisite for each business will be to ease access to company functions at any place and any time, with a broad collection of mobile devices. Hence, mobile cloud computing will be a prime focus.

The Development of Private Clouds

We are going to notice the expansion of private clouds in 2013, which are sustained by third party companies. People will be prone to private clouds for applications which are of a high confirmative nature.

Growing Significance of the Cloud-Based System Enterprise

In 2013, we can anticipate influential cloud-based markets to carry some major changes for all scales of business by the formation of absolute ‘Network Enterprises’. This will eventually create new opportunities and generate a positive impact upon the economy. When businesses start to contribute with their partners, clients and suppliers through a cloud based, clear business networks, the height of competition and escalation will be boosted vigorously.

According to Thomas Davies, head of Google Enterprise in Ireland and the UK, “To date, business cloud computing adoption has been mainly motivated by the IT division. The advantages of cloud computing are far beyond cost saving and the reduced burden of upholding.” The strategically important impact that cloud computing has within an organization in terms of motivating innovation and efficiency is making it an ever more attractive choice for business’ desire to gain competitive advantage and agility.

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    What opportunities will “absolute network enterprises” create and for who?

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    So basically, the answer to the question in the headline “how to leverage cloud computing as a trend in 2013” is basically to use this technology and services connected with that. Is that right?

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