How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Brand Affinity

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home8 How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Brand AffinityApple is a cult brand. It’s the world’s most valuable technology company and has produced some of the bestselling products in the technology industry. Have you ever wondered what makes Apple customers loyalty one of the best, if not the best, in the world – is it great products, brand affinity, a lethal marketing team or a combination of those factors?

In my opinion, Apple is perhaps the best example of how brand affinity can boost a company’s customer loyalty in an unparalleled manner. Whether it’s the iPod, the iPhone or the Apple iPad, each of Apple’s iBrand products have been a phenomenal success. Here are a few valuable business lessons on how to increase customer loyalty with brand affinity.

Brand is everything

The best thing about Apple’s success is that the Cupertino giant has given the due emphasis to the ‘Apple’ brand. Several technology companies have launched one or more successful products but they’ve failed to replicate those individual success stories into a broader brand success. Whether it’s the iPhone 4S or the new iPad, Apple’s ensured that the brand value is more emphasized than the products.


Apple is a remarkably honest company. Whether it’s the antennagate issue in the iPhone 4 or the heating problems with the new iPad, Apple’s always acknowledged and duly fixed its product problems. In fact, Apple decided to give away bumper cases to all iPhone 4 owners who suffered the antennagate issue. Similarly, Apple was quick to acknowledge the heating problems in the new iPad and assured its customers that it’ll resolve it sooner than later.


It’s not just about a brand name. When you deal with Apple, you’re assured of a top quality product, world class professional service and customer-friendly support. Over the years, all those factors have combined to establish Apple as a cult brand. With all due respect, no other technology company including the likes of Google and Microsoft


Apple’s marketing is in a unique league of its own. Whether it’s the Macintosh advertisements during the 1980s or the new iPad commercials, Apple sells the brand aka the ‘Apple Experience’ in a fascinating way. I know of several people who’ve bought Apple products though they didn’t need it but they went ahead and made the purchase simply because they succumbed to the Apple experience.

What’s your take on how brands can increase customer loyalty through brand affinity? Share your opinion by leaving a comment.

 How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Brand Affinity

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 How to Increase Customer Loyalty with Brand Affinity
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