How to Best use Facebook Groups for your Business

‘Facebook Groups’ are some of the newest features of the world’s most popular social website and it can be used to manage and enhance your business in an impressive manner.  While there always were options to make lists of friends on your Facebook profile so that the user may control the information to be shared with particular group of friends, the new ‘Facebook Groups’ have made it all very easy and interesting.

As the revamped ‘Facebook Groups’ is yet a very new feature, most of the users are still not sure about how this new change will shower benefits for their business.   Personally, I feel that this recent addition in the Facebook Groups can be explored to ensure better and profitable management of businesses of any size. In this post, I present my thoughts on how you can use this unique feature to ease out your business management.

What are Facebook Groups?

‘Facebook Groups’ is the recent development of Facebook that will help the users in segmenting a particular set of contacts from the rest of their friends. This is a new version of making friends lists that will allot a particular space for all significant groups of people in your Facebook profile. Thus, one can make specific groups for the regular clients, potential clients, colleagues, business contacts and common friends.

Just like a Facebook Page, a ‘Facebook Group’ can be used to promote your local business, an affiliated or owned brand, services or product, or you can use the Group to promote a musician, artist, book, band or public figure. Yet, one cannot become a fan of the group created by you; they’ll have to join it. The good thing is, at present users cannot deny your invitation to join your group. They may opt to leave your group if they don’t find it suitable.

Significance of Facebook Groups

‘Facebook Groups’ are specially meant for segmenting one group of friends with the rest of the groups. This feature can be used to maintain your business routines, project management and to share particular set of information with a particular group of people. Proper distribution of all your friends in distinguished groups will also let you manage the information you want to share with particular sets of people such as colleagues or assistants, regular clients, potential clients, investors and common friends.

Specific Features of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups can let you have group chat that may help you in project management. The Groups email list system turns the emails sent by group members into group posts visible to all group members. The Group Docs is special feature that will let the group members to collaborate on easy to manage text documents that can be marked with lists, italics or bold letters. In addition, the group members can easily revise the past documents to maintain the commitments. Facebook Groups also features group chat.

From a user’s perspective, Facebook Groups can prove to be highly useful for collaborative projects.

How can Facebook Groups help your business?

There can be a number of possibilities to use the Facebook Groups for managing your business with ease. You can share information particularly important for a specific group directly to the group members without leaking it on to others. The closed groups can be used as your company intranet to share all internal information such as current status of ongoing project, time sheets and budgets and many more. You can also use the Facebook Groups to promote business seminars to a particular group while making sure that each of the group member observes the invitation either via email or browsing through the Group posts. With the option of live group chat, the extent of collaboration between partners and colleagues can be improved. You can also use Facebook Group features to offer live online customer support for all your clients.

Clearly, there is a big range of possibilities of making the best use of Facebook Groups for managing collaborative works and customer relationships. Are you already making smart use of Facebook Groups in some innovative manner? If so, please share your experiences by leaving a comment about this post.

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
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