Google+ Holiday Commercials With The Muppets: A Marketing Case Study!

Google Plus and the MuppetsThere are marketing campaigns and there are marketing campaigns that play with your head for a long time. As I mentioned in my last post, I expect 2012 to be a defining year for digital marketing. I also mentioned that video will continue to be a digital marketer’s best friend. The Holiday season is often a busy period for marketers and it’s often marked with the launch of several high-profile innovative marketing campaigns.

This last holiday season Google took the cake with its Google+ ad campaign featuring The Muppets singing a popular classic rock number on Google + Hangouts. Most people would wonder that TV ads are by all means traditional advertising, so why I do refer to it as a classic example for digital marketing. Here’s why!

What’s the Muppets Campaign All About?

The new TV ad shows the Muppets jamming to the popular Queen and David Bowie song, Under Pressure. In fact, this isn’t Google’s first collaboration by the Muppets – the online search giant used America’s favorite television icons to build a Google Doodle to mark Jim Henson’s 75th birthday.


Google+ Hangouts are all about video and what better than video ads to advertise it. It’s believed that Muppets are a part of Google culture. The Muppets are a common sight at Googleplex and Google’s first employee Craig Silverstein served as the founder of the Internet group  rec.arts.henson+muppets. Google recent revamped Hangouts and to promote it, the online search giant shot an introductory Hangout with the Muppets and the human actors in the movie. Given Google’s past success with similar advertisements, the online search giant has a long term strategy to utilize Muppets for its marketing campaigns.

The Muppets aren’t merely likeable characters in the ad; they represent internal culture within the company around Muppet history and humor. I’ve watched the ad few times and I must say – it’s one of the most high impact advertisements of recent times.


Google is known to be a futuristic company. It knows Hangouts are one of the USPs of Google+ as compared to Facebook. Though Google+ started off on a promising note, it’s lost some of its sting in the last few months. The popularity of Hangouts might well be crucial factor in determining Google+ adoption in the enterprise so it’s understandable that Google has focused all its marketing might there.

So, don’t be surprised if a Muppet joins your next Google Hangout. It’s all a part of the marketing plan!

Did you like the Google+ Holiday commercials with the Muppets? Do you think it will help promote Google+ adoption among the masses? Please share your opinion by leaving a comment.

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
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