• If the political upheaval in Egypt has taught us one thing, it’s that social media now has incredible power to influence. But is that power becoming too dangerous? History has shown us that giving too much power to a single voice can be VERY dangerous. One need only look to Hitler, Moa Zedong, Idi Amin, …   Read More

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  • Few years back, smartphones were considered to be a luxury. Now, they have become a norm rather than an exception in our daily lives. Mobile phones are a blessing for businesses as they not only ease the communication needs but also serve as an instant advertising and marketing channel. The launch of Apple iPhone started …   Read More

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  • As society evolves into an increasingly mobile interface, businesses must follow suit or get left behind. It seems there’s a new location-based app being incorporated into mobile devices each and every day, and with good reasons. How else are we to keep abreast of the whereabouts of friends and family in the new portable world? …   Read More

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  • It’s fair to say that Year 2010 well and truly belonged to Facebook and Twitter and no other network managed to even remotely compete with these two biggies of the social media world. While that trend is likely to continue in the New Year, I’m seeing another game changer social media phenomenon rising through the …   Read More

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  • smartads The verdict on Facebook’s valuation is finally out and I’m not surprised that the world’s most popular social network commands a mind bogging and whopping worth of $50 Billion Dollars! To be valued at more than Yahoo, eBay and Time Warner is a monster achievement and a massive moral victory for the social media …   Read More

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  • smartads Though social media has been around for several years, it’s still considered to be in an “evolving” state. Social media has transformed in the last couple of years and more changes are on the horizon as we enter 2011. From a business perspective, it’s exciting as well as crucial to keep pace with the …   Read More

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  • smartads Happy New Year to all smedio readers! With the holiday season coming to an end and the arrival of Year 2011, it’s time to get back to “business as usual”. From a business perspective, it’s the best time to get ready for the New Year – formulate business plans and develop your marketing strategy …   Read More

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  • smartads The year 2010 is about to end and the whole world is eagerly looking forward to celebrate New Year as we step into 2011. It’s a good time to make your Social Media resolutions for year 2011 as well as look back at the very best of social media for year 2010. Though social …   Read More

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  • smartads With the holiday season already here, it’s time to bid adieu to the year 2010 and embrace the New Year with open arms. And the onset of the New Year inevitably marks the time to make resolutions. And it’s not just individuals; businesses too have their fair share of resolutions to make at the …   Read More

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  • SmartBrief Inc. and market research firm Summus, Ltd. have recently published the “The State of Social Media for Business 2010” report which discusses the impact of social media in today’s business world. The report also uncovers various aspects of how businesses across various industry verticals are leveraging social media and why it has surpassed all expectations …   Read More

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  • I’ve always maintained that Social Media has a bright future in the business world. The recently released findings from Garner second the fact that social media is vital to online business strategies. In fact, it is currently the...

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  • American Express recently conducted a survey titled “OPEN Small Business Monitor survey” to assess the role of social media amongst the small business fraternity. And being a social media loyalist, I have to say that the results of this survey indicate a bright future for social media adoption amongst the business world. Small Business Monitor …   Read More

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  • Though Twitter already holds the distinction of being the world’s fastest growing social network, its founders are in no mood to sit back and relax on their current laurels. Instead, they have now set their eyes on making Twitter a one-billion member strong social community. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this year that Facebook, …   Read More

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  • One of my primary interests in the social media landscape is its application in small businesses. Being a veteran online marketer and a social media loyalist, I know that social media offers a tremendous business opportunity to small businesses and SMEs which often operate on limited budgets. I came across the recently published Small Business …   Read More

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  • As a social media and marketing consultant, I happen to meet all sorts of customers ranging from SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office), small businesses, aspiring startups to multinational corporations having a global footprint. What’s the common factor between them? Social Media. The beauty of social media lies in its ubiquity. While I’m not saying that social …   Read More

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