• smartads Though there’s little doubt that Facebook and Twitter are gaining traction in the business and enterprise world, it’s not a walk in the park by any means. When large businesses adopt social media at a mass level, they manage a plethora of Facebook pages and Twitter profiles in order to maintain a consistent brand …   Read More

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  • Twitter in the last couple of years or so, has changed the way social media marketing is done or as I personally believe has become the single largest tool in this regard. So, if you are one among those marketers on twitter looking for a comprehensive tool that will assist your campaign, then here are …   Read More

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  • One of the frustrations with social media platforms is that each focuses on filling one or two particular needs in the marketplace, requiring users to set up accounts or pages on multiple sites. This creates inefficiencies for the busy executive or entrepreneur, so it was only a matter of time before one site set out …   Read More

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  • It is a known fact that Twitter does not have its native feature for sharing photos and videos, which most feel is a downside but having said that you have plenty of options in the form of third party apps which compensate that and again most people use TwitPic to share photos, here are 9 …   Read More

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  • It’s fair to say that Year 2010 well and truly belonged to Facebook and Twitter and no other network managed to even remotely compete with these two biggies of the social media world. While that trend is likely to continue in the New Year, I’m seeing another game changer social media phenomenon rising through the …   Read More

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  • It’s fair to say that Twitter has been a blessing in disguise for micro-blogging platforms. It came, it saw and it captured! While Twitter’s explosion is a recent phenomenon, micro-blogging has been around for several years. Tumblr was one of the first few micro-blogging tools when it launched in 2007 and was an instant hit …   Read More

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  • Backtweets This is a great tool to find people linking back to your URL and tweeting about your blog/web site. Search for links on Twitter, It Supports regular and short URLs, Real-time updates, Subscriptions (E-mail, RSS) and also API available. This is one best tool to track the reach of your blog posts on Twitter.   Read More

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  • Twitter Lists are under-estimated most of the time. The fact is if used effectively it can prove very much a productive tool. Success with Twitter Lists is all about how well you manage your lists. The following twitter tools let you get the maximum benefits out of your lists and save you time as well.   Read More

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  • Have you heard about ‘Google Places’ or ‘Google Local Business Center’? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to revamp your business. Google Places is a tool from Google which offers a fantastic way for local businesses to reach out to more customers. It lets your business quickly establish a presence on …   Read More

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  • smartads The Apple iPad made its much anticipated debut in US on Saturday, April 3rd. Many people ask me if the iPad is a good buy for business users. While there was a lot of hype and anticipation over the looks of the iPad, little was known about iPad’s capabilities as a business or productivity …   Read More

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  • When it comes to social networking, you may be using Facebook to create deeper business relationships; Twitter for quick communication and news sharing; and LinkdIn for your overall professional networking. But might there be another level of social media linkage that can be well worthy of your time? To that end, here’s a short list …   Read More

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  • smartads With the iPad available for pre-order from today and to start shipping on April 3rd, the tech industry has been all a-whirl since the recent unveiling of the gadget. The iPad is a new device that falls conveniently between an iPhone and a netbook. Many compare the iPad to a gigantic iPhone. What’s most …   Read More

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  • smartads Blogging has become a permanent fixture on the business landscape; the more frequently and consistently you do it is a key factor in your success. Having blog features on your business site that haven’t been updated in ages reflects poorly on your brand. So, it’s best to stay current with your blogging, even if …   Read More

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  • While it has been reported that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, was sited during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, Apple chose the Oscar night to air its first iPad commercial. The 30 seconds commercial presented a user breeze through...

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  • smartads Believe it or not, Blackberry phones are more popular and pervasive than the Apple iPhone. The Blackberry smartphone is the go-to option for many business users because of its huge offering of business apps. From spreadsheets to memo recording, you can find all types of business applications that’ll make you more efficient. Which apps …   Read More

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