7 Things You Need to Know About the Evolution of Social Media

Evolution of Social Media

[essb] I’ve always maintained that the true power of social media lies in its dynamism. Year after year, social media has reinvented itself and it will continue to do in the years to come. While social media started off in the form of blogs and wikis, the onus is now on using the optimal mix…

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Here’s What, How, and When to Post on Social Media (Infographic)

Perfect Post

If you’ve ever wondered what to post on the top social media platforms and the optimum time to post, you’re in luck. The infographical cheat sheets and iterations below will guide you all the way. Grab a pen and paper, there’s a lot of take-away here. [essb] Source: My Clever Agency Share this to share…

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#StandWithMe: A Powerful, Social Media Driven Film


This post was co-written by Jonha Revesencio. [essb] Every now and then, a documentary comes along and captures the imagination of critics and audiences alike. 1994’s Hoop Dreams and 2008’s Man on a Wire immediately come to mind. Two great films that take you inside of an event, frame it with skillful narration, and establish…

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Five Social Media Branding Tips

Social Media Branding Tips

[essb] These social media branding tips are intended to augment your positioning in the market. Your social brand — whether you’re a corporation, a small business or an entrepreneur — is, in some senses, who you are. It’s how people identify with you or your company. When using social media to augment your brand, it’s…

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Success and Social Media with Naomi Assaraf

Naomi Assaraf

[essb] A social entrepreneur is not what Naomi Assaraf envisioned while in college. But sometimes, this thing called life takes an exciting and extraordinary detour. I first met Naomi on a business trip to San Francisco last Summer. In just one year, she has an even stronger presence in the social space, managing high profile…

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The Social Evolution of New Media

The media industry has completely transformed in the last decade. While traditional media such as TV and print are regarded as evergreen, they no longer rule the roost in the marketing world. New Media – a term coined to represent a wide array of modern techniques including Web 2.0, Social Media and Rich Internet Applications…

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Why Microsoft Socl is Too Little, Too Late!

Last November, I wrote a post on Microsoft’s grand plan to launch socl – a social search platform. Back then, it was believed that socl would be a unique social network that would carve out its own space despite the intimidating presence of Facebook and Twitter. Since then, there was no news on when and…

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2012 – The Year Social Media Bubble Will Eventually Burst

Ever since the beginning of New Year, I’ve heard the “social media bubble burst” claims several times so I couldn’t resist the temptation of writing a piece on it sooner than later. Social media critics believe that this year will spell doom’s day for Facebook, Twitter and other well known social networks. While some of…

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What to Expect of Social Media in 2012

With the holiday season already here, it’s time to bid adieu to the year 2011 and embrace the New Year with open arms. And the onset of the holiday season inevitably marks the time for predictions for the New Year. All in all, 2011 was a good year for social media. Leading social networks like…

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Will The ‘Anti-Facebook’ Unthink Be The Next Big Thing In Social Networks?

There’s no doubt that Facebook is by far the world’s leading social network and no other competitor comes close. Over the years, several new social networks have come up with varied strategies to compete with Facebook. Those who tried to clone Facebook failed miserably. Others which took the anti-Facebook route didn’t fare any better. IMO,…

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Should Social Marketers Worry About Their Klout Score?

A Marketer’s job is all about influencing others. And when it comes to measuring influence, you simply can’t ignore Klout – undoubtedly the Internet’s most happening social media influence metric service that measures how many people you influence (“True Reach”), how much you influence them (“Amplification”), and how much they influence others (“Network”). Though Klout…

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What Facebook Wants You To Know About The Future of The Social Web

It’s been a dream couple of months for social media enthusiasts like me. Google+ came, saw and conquered the hearts of people all over the world. Just as people were beginning to write Facebook off, the world’s largest social network struck back and in some style, counter punching Google+ with one killer blow after the…

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Steps to Discovering the ROI of Brand Journalism for Your Business

Would you like to be prepared for the unexpected? Understand the problems and desires of your customers? Have a team in place sharing valuable content that solves your customers problems? Look no further. In this article you’ll discover what “brand journalism” is, how to start and what it means in ROI for your business.

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Why Google+ Wants To Know Your Real Name

Despite the dream start of Google+, I’ve always believed that it was a matter of time before it would run out of time. I always maintained that Google+ won’t kill Twitter or Facebook and that it may not be able to sustain its scorching growth for long periods of time. While Google+ continues to rake…

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3 Tips To Increase Clicks On Your Tweets By 200%

Recently Twitter introduced their own URL shortener. At first sight, there is actually nothing incredible about this you would think. When last week TheNextWeb’s Zee took a look at all their analytics he was struck by the facts. Twitter is by far the highest referrer of traffic. And then I took a look at our own…

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