Are You Wasting Your Time with Social Media Strategies?

We all know the Internet has changed the way businesses interact with their clients.  Gone are the days when corporations held all the power in the relationship, dictating what’s best for the consumer.  Today, with the explosion of social media…

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Success and Social Media with Marsha McCullough

When Facebook announced its support for organ donation, social good ambassador Marsha McCullough applauded their decision. For years, many have championed the issue with modest and respectable results. But when a social media giant throws considerable support behind a cause like this, it…

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Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Branding

Social Media for Branding

A brand is after all the summation of a name, so why so much fuss over branding? The simple reason to adopt branding is that it allows you to stand out in the crowd and helps your business or product…

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Five Social Media Branding Tips

Social Media Branding Tips

These social media branding tips are intended to augment your positioning in the market. Your social brand — whether you’re a corporation, a small business or an entrepreneur — is, in some senses, who you are. It’s how people identify…

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What to Include in Your Facebook Status Updates to Get Results

When you’re using a site like Facebook to reach an audience, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the amount of people you can reach with your Facebook status updates. However, a lot of marketers assume that…

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Success and Social Media with Raquel Eatmon

Jeannette Rankin became the first woman was elected to Congress in 1916. Arguably one of history’s great moments. What makes her story remarkable is that she achieved it in the face of millions who felt it couldn’t be done. That…

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Success and Social Media with Fernanda De Hoyos-Walther

Relevance and longevity in any field requires you to see things as a marathon, not a sprint.  The work you do in the beginning can pay off greatly down the road. Fernanda De Hoyos-Walther knows this very well. She invested the…

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Success and Social Media with Rupa Ganatra

It was a truly refreshing experience to interview Rupa Ganatra, a go-getter and go-giver who believes that service and helping others should be a non-negotiable element of success. The woman has tremendous presence to match her great ambition. Her involvement…

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7 Twitter Rules for Business Engagement

Twitter Rules

What’s your T.Q. (i.e., Twitter Quotient)? Are you using Twitter intelligently? And by “intelligently,” I don’t mean are you tweeting Einsteinium equations. I’m wondering if you’re following the path of best practices. If you’re on Twitter, you should be wondering,…

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Success and Social Media with Kimlai Yingling

Kimlai Yingling has always regarded food as a bridge to cultural understanding. No matter where you are, one taste, and you’re connected. So it was a natural fit to use social media to post about recipes, and to connect with…

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How To Optimize Your Corporate Social Media Guidelines

How do you best optimize your social media guidelines? Ever get involved in a discussion where, at the very beginning, you’re sure you have a great understanding of the topic, but by the end you doubt your knowledge of the…

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Success and Social Media with Naomi Assaraf

A social entrepreneur is not what Naomi Assaraf envisioned while in college. But sometimes, this thing called life takes an exciting and extraordinary detour. I first met Naomi on a business trip to San Francisco last Summer. In just one…

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Tony Hawk and Operation Smile: Spreading Joy One Smile at a Time

This post was co-written by  Amy Neumann. Watching a child beam with joy, a wide smile across her face, can fill you with wonder, awe, and inspiration. The happiness children carry with them is unbounded and expressed at every opportunity,…

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Goodsearch: Your Simple, Everyday Online Actions Can Help Others

This was co-written by Amy Neumann. The best portion of a good life is little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness… ~ William Wordsworth In a recent interview with Scott Garell, CEO of Goodsearch, we talked about some of the ways…

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The Future of Social and What Facebook Wants You to Know

Future of Social Media

The future of social media is being spelled by Facebook. Everybody familiar with the industry already knows about Facebook’s much-maligned, mismanaged IPO, and how the resulting debacle resulted in its share price languishing while Wall Street wonders if the social…

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