Why Facebook Marketing isn’t Worthwhile Anymore

Facebook Marketing

Facebook started making inroads into the business realm just a few years after it was launched to the public as a platform for people to interact socially and rekindle the old connections. In a short span of time, Facebook marketing became THE buzzword and we, as consumers, found ourselves caught up in the ‘Like’ and…

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What Digital Marketers Need to Know about Internet Defamation (Infographic)

Internet Defamation

[essb] Internet defamation is a subject a lot of people are interested in. It affects a lot of businesses. In an effort to combat the impact of internet defamation, the European Court of Justice has recently, May 13th, 2014, ruled the “Right to be Forgotten” throughout the European Union. This ruling requires internet search engines…

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How to Use Social Login for Better Customer Relationships

Social login

Can you imagine life without social media? Apart from our personal interactions with friends and family, social media also determines how we connect with businesses and brands. People who are active on social media use their social presence to discover new brands, products, and services. We trust product and service recommendations from people we know;…

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This is a Video EVERYONE Needs To See. It’s Sad but True.

Look Up

This spoken words video written, performed and directed by Gary Turk, titled “LOOK UP”, questions our digital relationships. “This media we call social is anything but, when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut”… The questions now is, in today’s social environment, are we really being social or we are secretly dying…

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7 Things You Need to Know About the Evolution of Social Media

Evolution of Social Media

[essb] I’ve always maintained that the true power of social media lies in its dynamism. Year after year, social media has reinvented itself and it will continue to do in the years to come. While social media started off in the form of blogs and wikis, the onus is now on using the optimal mix…

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What to Tweet When You Don’t Know What to Tweet

What to Tweet

[essb] What to tweet? Many Twitter users experience a Tweeter’s block similar to writers who suffer from a Writer’s Block at some stage or the other in their life. They just don’t know what to tweet about? There are times when it becomes difficult for you as a Twitter user to decide what to tweet…

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Daily Twitter Habits You Must Cultivate

Twitter Habits

Old habits die hard and new habits don’t come easy – Twitter is no exception to that rule. If you’ve been using Twitter for a while, I’m sure you’ve become habitual with its use. Like our everyday lives, our Twitter lives also have good and bad Twitter habits. While it’s advisable to adopt the good…

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Double Your LinkedIn Connections in Just Five Minutes a Day (Infographics)

LinkedIn Connections

[essb] LinkedIn may not be a media darling compared to Twitter and Facebook, this over 260 million members strong social network remains the undisputed professional networking champion. According to a 2013 Wall Street Journal survey,  It’s no surprise 81% of Inc 500 companies use LinkedIn for social media, in comparison to 74% on Facebook and…

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Here’s What, How, and When to Post on Social Media (Infographic)

Perfect Post

If you’ve ever wondered what to post on the top social media platforms and the optimum time to post, you’re in luck. The infographical cheat sheets and iterations below will guide you all the way. Grab a pen and paper, there’s a lot of take-away here. [essb] Source: My Clever Agency Share this to share…

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How Technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing (Infographic)

Future of Marketing

While core marketing principles are yet to change, technology however is changing how we market in today’s business environment. According to this infographic by New Jersey Institute of Technology, savvy marketers of the future would be able to ascertain consumers’ desires before they even know it. As you can see, mobile and social media have…

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How to Market to Social Savvy Consumers

Social Savvy Consumers

Social savvy consumers are changing the marketing landscape. Marketing today has to consider the important fact that contemporary customers are preoccupied and fixated on the daily grinds of life. Their attention, although not a considerable factor, makes it incredible for understanding the changes in consumer behavior. Word-of-mouth contagion has always been at the heart of…

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How to Build Your Twitter Brand in 60 Days: Tips from Jody Barrett

Twitter Brand

[essb] One of my favorite things in social media is coming across new faces and new brands. I am intrigued with how they are using Twitter, and, if they get it much faster than I did. I didn’t know how to tweet effectively for my first six months on Twitter back in 2009. Yes, its…

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#StandWithMe: A Powerful, Social Media Driven Film


This post was co-written by Jonha Revesencio. [essb] Every now and then, a documentary comes along and captures the imagination of critics and audiences alike. 1994’s Hoop Dreams and 2008’s Man on a Wire immediately come to mind. Two great films that take you inside of an event, frame it with skillful narration, and establish…

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7 Things To Love About Social Media

Things to Love about Social Media

What day is is tomorrow? Its Valentine’s Day, and I’m doing a post on love. No, I’m not giving tips or telling you about the person I love, but I’m talking social media. I’ve learned a lot about social media in the past year. Here are 10 things I’ve come to love about it. What…

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Social Marketing Habits of Highly Effective People

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a must for all of us – and such has been the case for several years now. That being said, we are all involved in marketing through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Successful prospect conversion via social media interactions tend to be a challenge for many practitioners. Fortunately, the reason for…

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