Daily Twitter Habits You Must Cultivate

Twitter Habits

Old habits die hard and new habits don’t come easy – Twitter is no exception to that rule. If you’ve been using Twitter for a while, I’m sure you’ve become habitual with its use. Like our everyday lives, our Twitter lives also have good and bad Twitter habits. While it’s advisable to adopt the good…

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Double Your LinkedIn Connections in Just Five Minutes a Day (Infographics)

LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn may not be a media darling compared to Twitter and Facebook, this over 260 million members strong social network remains the undisputed professional networking champion. According to a 2013 Wall Street Journal survey,  It’s no surprise 81% of Inc 500 companies use LinkedIn for social media, in comparison to 74% on Facebook and 64%…

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Here’s What, How, and When to Post on Social Media (Infographic)

Perfect Post

If you’ve ever wondered what to post on the top social media platforms and the optimum time to post, you’re in luck. The infographical cheat sheets and iterations below will guide you all the way. Grab a pen and paper, there’s a lot of take-away here. Source: My Clever Agency Share this to share your…

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How Technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing (Infographic)

Future of Marketing

While core marketing principles are yet to change, technology however is changing how we market in today’s business environment. According to this infographic by New Jersey Institute of Technology, savvy marketers of the future would be able to ascertain consumers’ desires before they even know it. As you can see, mobile and social media has…

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How to Market to Social Savvy Consumers

Social Savvy Consumers

Social savvy consumers are changing the marketing landscape. Marketing today has to consider the important fact that contemporary customers are preoccupied and fixated on the daily grinds of life. Their attention, although not a considerable factor, makes it incredible for understanding the changes in consumer behavior. Word-of-mouth contagion has always been at the heart of…

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How to Build Your Twitter Brand in 60 Days: Tips from Jody Barrett

Twitter Brand

One of my favorite things in social media is coming across new faces and new brands. I am intrigued with how they are using Twitter, and, if they get it much faster than I did. I didn’t know how to tweet effectively for my first six months on Twitter back in 2009. Yes, its true.…

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#StandWithMe: A Powerful, Social Media Driven Film


This post was co-written by Jonha Revesencio. Every now and then, a documentary comes along and captures the imagination of critics and audiences alike. 1994’s Hoop Dreams and 2008’s Man on a Wire immediately come to mind. Two great films that take you inside of an event, frame it with skillful narration, and establish an…

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7 Things To Love About Social Media

Things to Love about Social Media

What day is is tomorrow? Its Valentine’s Day, and I’m doing a post on love. No, I’m not giving tips or telling you about the person I love, but I’m talking social media. I’ve learned a lot about social media in the past year. Here are 10 things I’ve come to love about it. What…

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Social Marketing Habits of Highly Effective People

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a must for all of us – and such has been the case for several years now. That being said, we are all involved in marketing through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Successful prospect conversion via social media interactions tend to be a challenge for many practitioners. Fortunately, the reason for…

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The True Story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been a mystery to many. As Facebook celebrates its 10th-year anniversary this week as a social network, I had to look for something that told the true story of Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. This Bloomberg’s Game Changers video did it justice. Man, this kid who grew up in…

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7 Ways to Make your Tweets Go Viral

Tweets Going Viral

Tweets going viral are not by accident and it’s obvious tweets are the lifeline of Twitter. Any business planning to use Twitter for business purpose needs to have an effective tweeting strategy in place. There is no doubt that Twitter has redefined how businesses spread information online. In fact, retweets is one of the most…

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What to Expect from the Future of Social Media

Future of Social Media

The state and the future of Social Media is strong! Over the past decade, nothing has transformed our daily means of communication quite like social media has. Between the various social media platforms that have gained popularity, anyone can share with thousands to millions of people their thoughts, pictures, videos, and many more. In fact,…

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What to Know About the Business of Social Media

Truth About Social Media

A commonly overlooked axiom in Internet culture is the fact that if you can’t figure out what a company is selling, then you’re probably its flagship product. Google, Facebook, and Twitter all provide services that are borderline indispensable, and they do it all for free. How, then, do they make their millions? The answer really…

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3 Things You Can Learn About Social Media From Your Local News Channel

Most businesses turn to social media when they are looking to expose their brand to a global audience, but it can bring great results when used for local exposure as well. Social media doesn’t need to cost any money, so it can be a very effective tool for small businesses looking to advertise and spread…

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Are You Wasting Your Time with Social Media Strategies?

We all know the Internet has changed the way businesses interact with their clients.  Gone are the days when corporations held all the power in the relationship, dictating what’s best for the consumer.  Today, with the explosion of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, the relationship has become more equitable. Social…

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