• Scroll-Back-and-Bounce, Apple’s Patent Position No. 381 to Break iPhone Rivals

    Apple Inc. is on a concerted mission to protect its patented intellectual property, brand loyalty and smartphone market share at all costs, with its sights set clearly on Google’s Android platform. The Cupertino, California-based computer and consumer electronics giant began its attack with a flanking strategy, by filing patent infringement lawsuits against makers of Android-based …   Read More

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  • Smartphone Purchases Now Outnumber Feature Phones in US

    Full-featured smartphones are about to take over the mobile phone market. A new Nielsen survey found that a majority of all mobile phone purchases for the past three-months were smartphones. With more affordable pricing, more choices in carriers, operating systems and a slew of tempting applications, smartphones are now the preferred choice over simple feature …   Read More

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  • 1 in 3 Are Addicted to Smartphones

    We live in a plugged-in frenetic smartphones society. We “Check-in” on Facebook, to announce to the world that we have arrived at our destinations, be it the barbershop or a concert. And while we are there we are never really in the moment. Every new experience must be immediately recorded and shared with the world …   Read More

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  • Why The Facebook Phone Promises To Be The Next Big Thing In Social Media

    smartads Social Media and Smartphones are two of the most happening technologies of recent times. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that several technology heavyweights such as Microsoft and Palm have tried to make the best of both worlds by merging social media with the latest advancements in smartphone technology. Unfortunate as it is, most such attempts have …   Read More

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  • The iPhone 4 and the Video Marketing Revolution!

    smartads The moment I saw Steve Jobs unveil the new iPhone 4 at WWDC on June 7th, my eyes lit up in anticipation of what to expect from it as an online marketer. Thankfully, I can say that the new iPhone 4 is an online marketer’s dream come true courtesy of its superb video recording …   Read More

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  • Google vs. Apple – Who will win the smartphone war?

    smartads Apple and Google have never been known as the best of friends. However, in the last few months, the two technology heavyweights have faced-off against each other in numerous battles. There’s no doubt that both these companies are engaged in a titanic rivalry which spans multiple issues, domains and technologies. It would be foolish …   Read More

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  • The Business Value of the New iPhone OS 4.0

    smartads Apple’s preview of iPhone OS 4.0 was expected to be all about how the future iPhone will allow users to multi-task and do many things at the same time. However, the iPhone OS 4.0 is not just another multi-tasking mobile operating system and it offers great business capabilities targeted at enterprise users and IT …   Read More

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