• Twitter – One Billion Users Is No Longer A Distant Dream

    Though Twitter already holds the distinction of being the world’s fastest growing social network, its founders are in no mood to sit back and relax on their current laurels. Instead, they have now set their eyes on making Twitter a one-billion member strong social community. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this year that Facebook, …   Read More

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  • How Twitter’s Proposed Changes Can Be Profitable for Your Business

    Twitter is changing for good. With a host of business-centric features lined up for release, the world’s most popular micro-blogging site looks all set to turn your business into a vibrant green of cash. While the most noticeable change in the updated user interface, there are several other new features which will entice users to …   Read More

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  • Advertising Agencies and Social Media Culture Clash or Made for each other?

    Though several businesses look at social media as an innovative means for advertising, not all advertising agencies are flocking to social media for their next killer campaign. A recent study by RSW/US took a look at the business-to-business social media habits of a variety of ad agencies and reports that nearly 54% of the agencies …   Read More

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  • Social Media Malware A Cause of Concern for Small Businesses

    While social media is gaining increasing acceptance amongst small and medium-scale businesses, nearly a third of SMEs are concerned over its security concerns and claim to have experienced malware or virus infection as a result of staff using social media websites. This is one of the many findings reported by Panda’s “1st Annual Social Media …   Read More

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  • Third of Small Businesses use Social Media on a Daily Basis

    As a social media and marketing consultant, I happen to meet all sorts of customers ranging from SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office), small businesses, aspiring startups to multinational corporations having a global footprint. What’s the common factor between them? Social Media. The beauty of social media lies in its ubiquity. While I’m not saying that social …   Read More

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  • YouTube Launches Full-Length Movie Section

    smartads YouTube today launches “Films”, a new dedicated full-length movie section that allows you to watch mainstream releases and classics. It also offers Bollywood hits. We have learned that agreements have been reached with Sony Pictures in the US, Lionsgate, MGM and UK movie service, Blinkbox to make this possible.   Read More

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  • 90% of Canadian Businesses Use Social Media

    Canada loves social media! From business to politics and healthcare, social media has been embraced with open arms by Canadians. When it comes to using social media for business gains, Canada leads the worldwide charts with nearly 90% Canadian businesses adopting social media tools. As a Canadian and a staunch social media loyalist, I’m overjoyed …   Read More

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  • How Not to Die on Social Media

    Bill Cosby has every reason to show the middle finger to Twitter, after all the micro-blogging site has declared him dead, not once or twice – but at least four times in the last couple of years. Welcome to the new age of social media where people die online on Twitter and Facebook rather than …   Read More

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  • Facebook Hits 500,000,000 Active Users and Launched Facebook Stories

    This morning Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, officially announced Facebook has crossed the half-a-billion milestone. While this is already interesting for a social networking website started barely 6 years ago, Zuckerberg also introduced “Facebook Stories”. See the video bleow:   Read More

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  • The De-Branding of BP on the Social Web

    smartads There’s no question that BP has messed up big time – not just with the oil spill but the way its PR team has managed the aftermath of the incident. If you are looking for a social media disaster, the BP oil spill is the perfect example. The company’s brand value has gone for …   Read More

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  • Twitter – World’s Fastest Growing Search Engine!

    Which is the fastest growing search engine on the internet? Any guesses? The most common answers would be Google and Bing. Some users might even believe that Wolfram Alpha and Baidu might have a chance as well. The answer is bound to surprise most users because the world’s fastest growing search engine isn’t actually a …   Read More

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  • Why Every CEO Can’t Help Being on Twitter

    What’s the common factor amongst these world famous CEOs – Richard Branson, Eric Schmidt, Evan Williams, Jonathan Schwartz, and Tim O’Reilly – they all use Twitter. Given Twitter’s phenomenal reach and astonishing success, it is hardly surprising that it is increasingly being used by who’s who in the corporate world. So, why is there a …   Read More

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  • How Social Media is Saving Old Media

    I’ve come across many social media enthusiasts who believe that the new media will spell doomsday for old media. I, for one, beg to differ. As much as I love social media for the innovation and flexibility that it offers, I’m also a huge fanboy of conventional old media techniques. I’ve always maintained that social …   Read More

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  • How Did You Celebrate Your Social Media Day?

    smartads “Happy Social Media Day” to all my friends & social media enthusiasts all over the world. Just in case you did not know about it, June 30th has been declared as ‘Social Media Day’ by Mashable, a popular social media site. As a sign of growing popularity of social media, Victoria – the capital …   Read More

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  • Why Twitter Offers Enhanced Facebook and LinkedIn Integration

    Twitter is ringing in the changes big time these days. First, it opted to cash-in on the popularity of FIFA 2010 World Cup by creating a dedicated Twitter site for the sporting extravaganza. Next, it started tweaking its system in order to improve the overall stability and reduce downtimes. And in its latest move, Twitter …   Read More

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