How Marketing has been changed in the Hands of Mobile

Mobile Marketing

Is your marketing tactics in sync with the latest mobile marketing trends and insights or just keep on going without much consideration about what’s happening around?  Did you give it a thought that your consumers are in loss when they just cannot find your offerings easily on their device? Even if you are already into…

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How to Make Mobile Visitors Buy More

Mobile Visitors Sales

Mobile visitors have become even more important to your online business success. Their importance was recently substantiated by the recent mobile friendly Google algorithm changed dubbed “Mobilegeddon.” Although the expected “apocalyptic” impact of the update is believed by many to have been overblown, it however does reveal how important mobile visitors have become to the…

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Why Mobile Gaming is the New Landscape for Advertising

Mobile Gaming

What does mobile gaming mean for advertisers? Advertising relies on a fairly fundamental principle: put your product where the eyes are. No matter how good a product or service may be, if people don’t know about it, then it might as well not exist at all. Many good products have failed to live up to…

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Women and Mobile: Both Moving Up in the Business World

Women and Mobile

Women and mobile are forces of impact in business today than ever before. When former Google Vice President Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo!, she promised to spark innovation and creative thinking. In one of her first acts in charge, Mayer told all Yahoo! employees they would be receiving a smartphone of their…

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How To Best Leverage Facebook 900 Million Users [Infographic]

With the recent Facebook IPO, a lot of people have been watching the social networking giant with a keener eye. As a business, brand, or individual, how do you better leverage Facebook and the opportunity that’s now provided by its over 900 million users? To answer that question, let’s take a closer look at some…

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Google’s Purchase of Motorola Mobility Shakes Up Mobile Universe

Just days after David Drummond, Google Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer published a lengthy rant on the company blog accusing rivals Apple, Microsoft and others of engaging in “a hostile, organized campaign against Android,” the search engine giant announced a deal to acquire Motorola Mobility. In one fell swoop, Google beefed up its…

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How Square Reached Milestone of $4 Million in Daily Payments

The young upstart mobile payments company Square is surging ahead. Square made the surprising announcement this week that the San Francisco-based startup launched in 2009 by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is now processing about $4 million in mobile payments per day, which is $1 million more than it processed just one month ago. And the…

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Smartphone Purchases Now Outnumber Feature Phones in US

Full-featured smartphones are about to take over the mobile phone market. A new Nielsen survey found that a majority of all mobile phone purchases for the past three-months were smartphones. With more affordable pricing, more choices in carriers, operating systems and a slew of tempting applications, smartphones are now the preferred choice over simple feature…

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The Next Best Emerging Market for Social Mobile Technology

It’s not often that global entrepreneurs are presented with the opportunity to change the world. That’s exactly what the rapidly growing economies of sub-Saharan Africa offer smart investors and ambitious startups. The untapped potential in the African continent for consumer goods, social networking services, telecommunications and mobile advertising is huge, and it’s there for the…

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Social Mobile Payment Service by Venmo to Crush Paypal

[smartads] Venmo’s markets pitch: “It’s like your phone and your wallet had a beautiful baby.” The Philadelphia-based startup makes it easy to send money to friends using text messages from your mobile phone and easier still, by using an app designed for your smartphone. Unlike other mobile phone payment apps, such as Google Wallet, Venmo…

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What to Expect from Mobile Payments Using Smartpones and Near Field Communication Technology

The retail landscape with mobile payments, both virtual and in-person at brick and mortar establishments, is about to change in a big way. An actual wallet may soon become obsolete, as well as plastic credit cards, cash registers and paper money. As mobile payment services, such as PayPal become ubiquitous in the way we are…

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