• Content is king – while there is no denying that fact, it’s equally important to ensure that quality content gets the attention it deserves. Whether it’s blogs, social media profiles or websites, getting eyeballs to your content could...

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  • Every online business owner knows what it takes to run a successful business: not only popularity but increased revenue through high-quality traffic and conversions powered by optimum customer service. Optimizing the customer’s experience of your website is critical to the survival of any website owner’s business. If your business website is generating low income due …   Read More

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  • What makes social media so compelling and attractive for selling? It is a myth or just media hype? How should you sell on social media? Will aggressive selling work on social networks? These are some of the questions I’m often asked by marketers who are wary of how to sell online using social media. There’s …   Read More

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  • How to blog? Blogging isn’t rocket science. However, it does require a methodical approach right from the moment when you decide to setup a blog. In this post, I explain the key factors that would help you overcome...

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  • There are friends and then there are some special friends. Until now, Facebook has weighed them all on the same scale. In fact, Google Plus exploited this very weakness to great effect with its circles feature. However, that’s all set to change with Facebook’s new Smart List and Special Friend List. The underlying principle is …   Read More

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  • Facebook has over 600 million active users, and nearly 50% of those users are active on a daily basis. If Facebook was a country, it would be the third-largest in the world. Though hard to believe, it’s a reality that social media didn’t have any takers few years back and now there seems to be …   Read More

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  • Twitter has grown by leaps and bounds. And the world’s leading microblogging social network is getting more business-friendlier than ever, it launched a revamped online business center a little while ago. Despite the phenomenal popularity of Twitter, certain features such as “Lists” are grossly underused, especially amongst the business user fraternity. Twitter lists feature has …   Read More

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  • Facebook started off as a pure social network. As time passes, its creators and users both begin to realize its value proposition in the business world. So, Facebook launched “Pages” for business users analogous to “profiles” for personal users. In the business world, profiles became pages, followers became fans, the user interface changed to have …   Read More

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  • Geolocation services are all the rage these days and the location based services market has gained amazing popularity amongst people from all walks of life. Though Foursquare and Gowalla have been great advocates of how businesses can leverage geolocation services for targeted marketing campaigns, they’ve now been overshadowed by the big boys of the social …   Read More

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  • In April this year, my fellow Smedio blogger Jay Adams wrote an interesting story on “10 Ways to Build Social Media Clout” for your business. Building a useful and impressive social media clout is only half the battle won. The other and equally important challenge is leveraging the social media clout into a business’ success …   Read More

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  • Locating and building a target audience is one of the biggest challenges for businesses pondering to take the plunge into the social media world. While building any audience is easy, it offers little value unless it’s ‘well-targeted’ and willing to engage with your business. You may be about to launch the next big-game changer campaign, …   Read More

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  • Social Media is increasingly becoming a norm rather than an exception in the business world these days. Low cost, wider reach and real-time communication are some of the most obvious business benefits of social media. There’s no doubt that social media is an immensely powerful tool for businesses. However, with power comes responsibility and social …   Read More

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  • What is Twitter? Is it a micro-blogging site, a social network or a hybrid of both? Either way, how does it help from a business perspective? These are perhaps some of the most common questions that business owners tend to ask before they join the Twitter revolution. I personally believe that Twitter thrives on simplicity …   Read More

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  • Enough has been said about Twitter being a great tool for local branding. You can search followers in your geographical area, connect with them and establish a great local brand. There are thousands of success stories where Twitter has worked wonderfully well as a tool for establishing a brand locally. But creating a global brand …   Read More

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