• Social media campaigns are a norm rather than an exception these days. However, it would be unwise to consider such campaigns as a shortcut to success. Given a sound plan and committed execution, a social media campaign can...

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  • Tech tools made to simplify your business could be catalyst for growth in today’s business environment. The fact is, mall businesses are growing. In fact, 54 percent of all U.S. sales come from our 23 million small businesses, and...

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  • Running a small business can be a satisfying but difficult challenge, and there are many mistakes that can end your entrepreneurial effort. Many businesses struggle. The question is, how do you keep your small business from failing in...

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  • Each morning we wake up to about a hundred new online startups. Some make headlines (and eventually get bought out for $19 Billion) while others potter about for a while before dying an untimely death. In fact, a...

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  • Every online business owner knows what it takes to run a successful business: not only popularity but increased revenue through high-quality traffic and conversions powered by optimum customer service. Optimizing the customer’s experience of your website is critical to the survival of any website owner’s business. If your business website is generating low income due …   Read More

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  • The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets has changed the face of marketing for good. Though mobile marketing was considered as experimental few years back, it’s now the mainstream channel of marketing for businesses of all sizes from...

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  • Not to get all biblical on you or anything, but Twitter is governed by a set of strict commandments. You should probably follow these to avoid feeling the wrath of the unfollow. 1. Thou Shall Devote a Few Minutes Each Day to Twitter This is a hard and fast rule. It’s set in stone, hence …   Read More

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  • [smartads] Apple has just released an outstanding video online tutorials for the iPad. Enjoy! Join the Smedio Facebook fan page for a chance to win an iPad!

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  • This title isn’t some cynical reference to Big Brother. It’s about the first, basic layer of scrutiny that potential customers give YOU: small businesses, consultants, freelancers and entrepreneurs, and you may not even know it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an accountant, web designer, personal trainer, jewelry designer, caterer or freelancer. Ensure that your communiqués …   Read More

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  • It’s getting to be quite a social jungle out there, even before the announcement of Google Buzz (which I’ll here on refer to as ‘G-buzz’ for brevity), and that’s a good thing – particularly if you’re an individual or business ever on the lookout to attract new customers and stay connected with existing ones. If …   Read More

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  • Have you considered ways to leverage Flickr, the popular photo sharing site, for your small business or Internet marketing blog? If you haven’t, there are several ways business bloggers might use the site, which is goldmine worth mining a couple different ways. Here’s how: 1. Blog Post Images. There’s a staggering amount of quality photography …   Read More

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  • smartads Facebook started rolling out its new design to users this week. This new design is not currently available to all users yet; it’s a great improvement over Facebook 1.0. The new design is targeted more toward updates than any thing else. Updates to the To Menu The Home, Profile, Find Friends links, and Account …   Read More

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  • smartads Really Simple Syndication (or RSS) is a method of news distribution that circumvents the whole problem of spam and email viruses. Vendors and blogs use it to alert users to new content. Email, of course, has its place on the Internet and would never be replaced by RSS. But for certain types of content, …   Read More

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