• Social Media – A Perfect Tool for Small Business Hiring

    A large number of businesses see social media as an advertising and marketing opportunity, primarily due to the mass appeal of popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. However, a number of smart businesses have utilized the potential of social media to its true value by extending it far beyond marketing, sales and advertising. …   Read More

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  • Social Media – The New ‘Crisis and Emergency Response’ Management Tool

    The devastating earthquake in Haiti and Japan, and the BP oil spill had something in common. While the first two were natural disasters, the latter a human error – these grueling incidents showed us the importance of social media as the modern-age tool for managing crisis and emergency response. While a lot has been said …   Read More

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  • How Not to Die on Social Media

    Bill Cosby has every reason to show the middle finger to Twitter, after all the micro-blogging site has declared him dead, not once or twice – but at least four times in the last couple of years. Welcome to the new age of social media where people die online on Twitter and Facebook rather than …   Read More

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  • Facebook Privacy Mess – 100 Million Users Details Exposed

    Facebook’s privacy horror stories don’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon. In fact, it’s just went from bad to worse yesterday when a security consultant named Rob Bowes released a file containing a list of more than 170 million Facebook users and the Web address of their profile page on a …   Read More

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  • Facebook Hits 500,000,000 Active Users and Launched Facebook Stories

    This morning Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, officially announced Facebook has crossed the half-a-billion milestone. While this is already interesting for a social networking website started barely 6 years ago, Zuckerberg also introduced “Facebook Stories”. See the video bleow:   Read More

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  • Why Many Businesses Are Adopting Twitter over Facebook

    Twitter and Facebook, world’s two most popular social networks are engaged in a vicious battle to edge each other out as the preferred network for business users. Both networks have their own pros & cons, though neither is perfect but they are as close as it gets to perfection in social media.   Read More

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  • Why Twitter Offers Enhanced Facebook and LinkedIn Integration

    Twitter is ringing in the changes big time these days. First, it opted to cash-in on the popularity of FIFA 2010 World Cup by creating a dedicated Twitter site for the sporting extravaganza. Next, it started tweaking its system in order to improve the overall stability and reduce downtimes. And in its latest move, Twitter …   Read More

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  • Quit Facebook Day – Hype or Reality?

    smartads 31st May came and it passed rather uneventfully. Amidst all the hype to protest against Facebook’s recent privacy flaws, the ‘May 31st Quit Facebook Day’ campaign fell flat on its feet. The campaign was run on www.quitfacebookday.com and nearly, 35,000 users have left the social networking site as part of this campaign. Considering that …   Read More

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  • Facebook and the Privacy Revolution

    smartads Facebook has been undergoing a privacy revolution of sorts in the last couple of years. Every now and then, there seems to be a storm over privacy issues which dies down only to crop-up again after a few months. So, where has Facebook gone wrong in its quest to settle the privacy issues? What …   Read More

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  • How To Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

    If you thought that Facebook is just another social network just to connect with friends, play games and/ or kill time – you are wrong. It’s a fantastic tool to grow your business online. No matter what the size of your business is, a Facebook page can boost your online presence and provide a great …   Read More

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  • Marketing with Facebook in an Ad-resistant Generation

    Facebook’s has undergone a phenomenal transition in the last couple of years. It started off as a college photo sharing site a couple of years ago and is now emerging as a leading online marketing powerhouse. There is no doubt that Facebook is quickly moving up the ladder amongst all online advertising techniques. Most people …   Read More

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  • Why Facebook is Scared of Twitter

    There’s little doubt that Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networks worldwide. Of course, some people tend to argue that Twitter is more of a micro-blogging service rather than a social network. IMO, the follower – following relationships in Twitter represents as good an approach for social networking as the friends – …   Read More

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  • How Safe Are We On The Social Web?

    smartads On Wednesday the 17th of March, the BOSTON (Reuters) reported that Hackers flooded the Internet with virus-tainted spam that targets Facebook’s estimated 400 million users in an effort to steal banking passwords and gather other sensitive information. According to anti-virus software maker McAfee Inc, The emails tell recipients that the passwords on their Facebook …   Read More

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  • Facebook Topped Google With Relationship Based Content

    smartads This week, Hitwise broke the news that Facebook topped Google to become the most visited U.S. Web site in the Facebook vs Google battle for the internet, at least for the week ending March 13th. Facebook accounted for 7.07% of U.S. Web traffic that week, while Google received 7.03%. According to media experts, the …   Read More

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  • How Valuable Is Facebook to Your Business?

    Most companies are not looking for their business challenges to be explained to them; they are looking for a prescription to solve them. Today, numerous online services are all clamoring for consumer attention, all suggesting that solutions are just a click away. Moreover, consumers seem to be increasingly encouraged to use the Internet to meet personal …   Read More

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