• Social media monitoring tools are becoming more critical to companies who are interested in finding out whether they are making a mark online. These companies are also able to monitor whether the ‘word on the streets’ about their companies is positive or negative and can play a part in their online reputation management. With the …   Read More

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  • Why should you worry what people say about you or your brand online? You’re already doing an awesome job for your clients, people who know you professionally and personally recognize you run a terrific company, right? Do you use user reviews / local search sites such as Epinion, Yelp etc? Why do you use them? …   Read More

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  • smartads There’s no question that BP has messed up big time – not just with the oil spill but the way its PR team has managed the aftermath of the incident. If you are looking for a social media disaster, the BP oil spill is the perfect example. The company’s brand value has gone for …   Read More

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  • Enough has been said about Twitter being a great tool for local branding. You can search followers in your geographical area, connect with them and establish a great local brand. There are thousands of success stories where Twitter has worked wonderfully well as a tool for establishing a brand locally. But creating a global brand …   Read More

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  • Can a textual messaging service all of 140 characters do any good to your brand? Of course, it can do a world of good if you choose a smart branding strategy for your business on Twitter. Your Twitter profile is a good reflection of your brand in the so called Twitterverse (Twitter Universe). So, how …   Read More

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  • What can you achieve with just 140 characters in your tweets? The answer depends on how effectively you use your words while tweeting. Even a short and simple tweet written effectively has the makings of a bestseller on Twitter while a mediocre tweet is likely to be given a pass by most Twitter users. Many …   Read More

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  • Online video marketing has exploded, with companies large and small using it to cultivate business. From aspiring artists and politicians to authors and tax consultants, anyone interested in revving up their website traffic can easily and affordably make video marketing magic. If you haven’t used this strategy to promote your products or services, now is …   Read More

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