Seven Ways to Use Social Media for Branding

Social Media for Branding

A brand is after all the summation of a name, so why so much fuss over branding? The simple reason to adopt branding is that it allows you to stand out in the crowd and helps your business or product to make its presence felt. There are numerous ways of branding yourself and social media…

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Five Social Media Branding Tips

Social Media Branding Tips

These social media branding tips are intended to augment your positioning in the market. Your social brand — whether you’re a corporation, a small business or an entrepreneur — is, in some senses, who you are. It’s how people identify with you or your company. When using social media to augment your brand, it’s very…

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7 Twitter Rules for Business Engagement

Twitter Rules

What’s your T.Q. (i.e., Twitter Quotient)? Are you using Twitter intelligently? And by “intelligently,” I don’t mean are you tweeting Einsteinium equations. I’m wondering if you’re following the path of best practices. If you’re on Twitter, you should be wondering, too. To that end, here are seven guidelines to consider, to learn if the way…

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How To Optimize Your Corporate Social Media Guidelines

How do you best optimize your social media guidelines? Ever get involved in a discussion where, at the very beginning, you’re sure you have a great understanding of the topic, but by the end you doubt your knowledge of the subject? Those conversations aren’t very much fun. If you ever find yourself in a discussion…

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5 Marketing Principles that will Never Change

Marketing Principles

Marketing principles hold constant against the odds of change. Technology is always evolving. For those of us working in the digital realm, this constant evolution has a tendency to make us think that marketing principles always change, too. The truth is, some restricting parameters surrounding marketing principles have never changed. As the platform used for…

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How to Build Credibility with YouTube

YouTube Credibility

Consumer research has shown that customers won’t buy from people they don’t find trustworthy. In other words, trust and credibility influence sales and marketing. Doing business on the web presents unique challenges not faced by brick-and-mortar businesses. Business owners looking to show they know what they’re talking about and that they’re credible may be surprised…

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5 Ways Google Hangouts On-Air Can Help You Grow Your Business

Hangout On Air

One of the biggest “secrets” in marketing right now is that Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) are one of the easiest, low-cost ways to host live webinar presentations that can kick-start your business. But before I jump into the details, let me say this. Imagine a free video presentation service that doesn’t require any special…

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How to Use Webinars in Your Business

Webinar in Business

One of the toughest challenges for any business is finding qualified prospects. Webinars are one of the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tools for finding qualified leads and customers. According to the 2012 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Research Report from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 46% of marketers are using webinars.…

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7 Steps to Selling More with a Business Website

Selling with a Business Website

One of the primary jobs of a business website is to convert visitors into customers. If you want to sell more, then learning the seven steps to selling more with a business website is absolutely critical for your brand. In order to get the most out of a business website, avoid common mistakes many people…

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10 Must-Have Marketing Technologies

Marketing Technologies

Over the years, there have been drastic and rapid changes in marketing technologies. In fact, advances in the technology behind online marketing take place so frequently it’s a challenge to keep up with everything. Marketing professionals also have to carefully examine how any new marketing technologies will work with new and existing marketing initiatives. With…

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7 Offline Activities That Drive Online Success

I’d like to share my thoughts on a topic that’s rarely discussed: offline tactics for driving online business success. Many internet marketers who promote the so-called “internet lifestyle” fail to mention that much of their online success is the result of actions they took offline. In some cases, focusing on the right offline activities can…

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The Future of Social and What Facebook Wants You to Know

Future of Social Media

The future of social media is being spelled by Facebook. Everybody familiar with the industry already knows about Facebook’s much-maligned, mismanaged IPO, and how the resulting debacle resulted in its share price languishing while Wall Street wonders if the social media pioneering giant will eventually recover and make money. This is why nobody is surprised…

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7 Things I Learned about Digital Marketing from Claude Hopkins

Claude Hopkin Scientific Advertising

For those of us working in the digital marketing realm, you probably operate on the assumption that we are trailblazers – and to be fair, we are. You might be surprised, as I am, to learn that the basic principles that govern our industry are old hat. Enter Claude Hopkins, a man who pioneered the…

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7 Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are a great way to drum up business, this we know. But a successful campaign must be thoughtfully coordinated, and should meet with certain key criteria, without fail. Nailing down these principles goes a long way toward ensuring the success of your marketing efforts. Let’s have a look at the top seven must-haves…

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How to Leverage Cloud Computing as a Trend in 2013

With the development of cloud computing, IT trends are taking a new form and the new ways businesses have started exploiting such services are also evolving. The upcoming trends expected in 2013 indicate that businesses will be applying powerful cloud computing approaches for attaining their goals. In this article, I will be discussing cloud computing…

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