Here’s What, How, and When to Post on Social Media (Infographic)

Perfect Post

If you’ve ever wondered what to post on the top social media platforms and the optimum time to post, you’re in luck. The infographical cheat sheets and iterations below will guide you all the way. Grab a pen and paper, there’s a lot of take-away here. [essb] Source: My Clever Agency Share this to share…

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7 Things Not to Do on Twitter

Things Not to Do on Twitter

When Twitter launched, critics questioned the limitation of 140 characters to make a meaningful conversation, especially for businesses. Over the years, Twitter has improved by leaps and bounds, added several business-friendly features and now ranks amongst the league of formidable social media tools for businesses. Businesses have realized the value of messages limited to 140…

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How to Optimize a Landing Page for SEO and Conversion

How to Optimize a Landing Page for SEO and Conversion

How to optimize a landing page for SEO and conversion is a topic that a lot of people want to know more about but don’t know who to ask. This infographic by QuickSprout breaks it down in a way anyone would easily understand. If you need more clarification, feel free to leave your questions or…

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Psychology of Colours in Logos and other Insane Insights (Infographic)

colours in logos

[essb] Iconic logos carry subliminal subtleties that make them standout. You’ll notice most luxury brands are mostly black, white, or brown, while corporate logos are blue. Ever wonder why? In this infographic by Finances Online, you’ll discover the power of colours in logos, the value each colour presents, the evolution of logos and other insane…

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Richard Branson on How to Run a Business

Richard Branson

“I was dyslexic, I had no understanding of school work whatsoever and I certainly would have failed IQ tests. If I’m not interested in something I just don’t grasp it… For example, I haven’t been able to know the difference between net and gross,” explains Virgin Founder, Richard Branson, in a classic TED interview. [essb]…

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Edward Snowden: Here’s How We Take Back the Internet

Edward Snowden Data Privacy

Edward Snowden speaks at TED2014 via telepresence robot. He suggests the right to data privacy is not a partisan subject but demands a fundamental re-evaluation of the role the internet plays in our private and corporate lives. [essb] [easy-share buttons=”facebook,twitter” native=”no”] Want more stuff like this? Hit the “Like” button below to get notified via…

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How Technology is Shaping the Future of Marketing (Infographic)

Future of Marketing

While core marketing principles are yet to change, technology however is changing how we market in today’s business environment. According to this infographic by New Jersey Institute of Technology, savvy marketers of the future would be able to ascertain consumers’ desires before they even know it. As you can see, mobile and social media have…

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Digital Marketing Success in 7 Steps (Infographic)

Digital Marketing Success

[essb] Digital marketing success is a straight forward path if you’re willing to put in the work and follow a coordinated system of operation. In this infographic, you going to learn how to manage your digital marketing success in 7 steps. Source: Smart Insights Share this to share your insight with others. It’s completely up…

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What the Smartest People Do That You Don’t (Infographic)

Smartest People in the World

Intelligence is relative in most cases. However, there are common traits that are shared by high IQs individuals, good and bad, just like we saw in the “Habits of the Wealthiest People” infographic, as highlighted by in the infographic below. [essb] Share this to share your insight with others. It’s completely up to you…

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7 Digital Marketing Ideas Your Business Must Start Using Now

Digital Marketing

[essb] In the past, I’ve written exhaustively about how you can use an optimal mix of traditional and digital marketing for your business. I started off by explaining the basics including what is digital marketing and then covered other topics such as how to use email and social media as digital marketing tools. I also…

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Women and Mobile: Both Moving Up in the Business World

Women and Mobile

Women and mobile are forces of impact in business today than ever before. When former Google Vice President Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo!, she promised to spark innovation and creative thinking. In one of her first acts in charge, Mayer told all Yahoo! employees they would be receiving a smartphone of their…

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How to Market to Social Savvy Consumers

Social Savvy Consumers

Social savvy consumers are changing the marketing landscape. Marketing today has to consider the important fact that contemporary customers are preoccupied and fixated on the daily grinds of life. Their attention, although not a considerable factor, makes it incredible for understanding the changes in consumer behavior. Word-of-mouth contagion has always been at the heart of…

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Practical Business Lessons from Hip-Hop and Wall-Street

Business Lessons

Business lessons are common but practical business lessons from really successful business people are rare. In this Forbes video interview with the “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett and Jay-Z, you’ll learn longterm business lessons that will transform your business perspective and life if applied. So, pull up a pen and a notepad because there’s a…

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Visual Marketing Materials that Get You Big Traffic in 30 Days

Visual Marketing

Visual marketing has come of age. The growing impact of visual elements in content development has given birth to a new kind of marketing. These elements include photos, videos, infographics, comics, memes, slideshows, and other visual content. One reason for the growth of this trend is in many cases, data and complex ideas are more…

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Why Your Marketing Must Go Social Local Mobile

Go Solomo

[essb] You probably get lots of marketing tips throughout the year on how to make yourself easier for customers to find you on the Internet and from the street, whether to accept e-coupons, even your business hours. These are all worthwhile concerns. Here are some tips that can help you assess how you’re doing in…

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