7 Personal Branding Secrets of Facebook Pages

Did you know that personal branding is the secret to growing your business, especially with Facebook pages? If you think about Vin Diesel, Will Smith, Tony Robbins or Mary Smith. They’ve built their success around their personal brands. You might think that this works only for celebrities. Well, here’s the good news. It works for your business as well. So, start thinking about personal branding for your business.

Personal branding depends on using the right channels to connect with customers. Let’s start today with Facebook. Here are 7 secrets to create your personal brand with a Facebook page:

1. Claim your domain name for your Facebook pages

Your personal name is the basic core indicator of your brand. So, make sure you get your own domain name as quickly as possible. How? Go to facebook username to change the url for your personal account. If the full name is not available, try your last name with first initials.

Creating Facebook pages for your business should begin with naming it after yourself. Keep in mind that you can’t change the name of a page once it’s created. To claim the personal domain name (url) for the page, you need 25 fans. That’s why you need a personal account. If you have enough friends, you can invite them to like your page.

I recently discovered another great Facebook application to claim your personal web address. To learn more “how to” visit Facebook webaddress.

2. Create a personal wall picture for your Facebook Pages

Use your wall picture (250 x 500) for your personal branding. Tell visitors why they should like you. Mari Smith, is one of the best examples I know of a great and very personal wall picture. She uses a personal color for the background, her name on top, with a link to her twitter account and website. She also presents her latest book: Facebook marketing, an hour a day.

3. Add a personal welcome message to your Facebook Pages

Your personal brand sets a positive expectation and a promise to your market. Use a personal message on your welcome tab to confirm these expectations. Make sure you make the call for action. Let your fans know that you’re actively seeking business. Hire a good fan page designer to create your welcome page.

4. Share your specialization

Why should people visit your Facebook page if you’re doing business on Facebook or doing business with Facebook? What is the specialization you like to link to your personal brand? Here are 3 options for successful branding. Add your personal tag line on the wall picture. The best tag lines position you as the owner of a niche market. Use the information form under the wall picture to explain the value you offer. Reserve the info tab on the page to share your specialization.

5. Add events

Give people a chance to personally meet and listen to you. Facebook events is a great app to organize events and let your fans know about upcoming events. Add a photo of the event and a brief description. Inform your fans about time and location. The events are linked to a special event tab on your page.

There are two  great things about Facebook Events. One is that your fans can share them with their friends. Second, your fans can respond via RSVP (from the French RSVP, répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning “reply please”). If they invite them for the event, they receive an RSVP with 3 options: attending, maybe attending, not attending. This info is also displayed to new visitors of the event. If they spot a photo of one of their friends among the attendees, it might just pull them over to join the event as well.

6. Offer the essential information

If prospects have a positive feeling about you, they might sign up to receive an ebook or newsletter. A sign up form on your welcome tab guides them to the information you want to share. Make sure you have the information ready.

Offer your fans some free training in return for their email and name. Reserve a special tab and name it Free Training. Add a welcome video and a sign up form and your set to go.

Facebook offers a lot of options to share personal messages. How about using the RSS Graffiti application. It gets your rss feeds and puts them on your wall. You can share a personal message with your fans on top of your wall page, just beside your name.

7. Hire the best community manager for your Facebook Pages

Once your fans visit your page more often and interact with you, be ready for them. Give them the personal attention they deserve. Build upon the positive feeling and understanding of your service and confirm their expectations. Finally, the fans will be ready to grant you business. Excellent community management is key for successful engagement with your fans. Assign at least two community managers for your page. Create an editorial guide with predefined rules for the interaction with your fans.

There are more things you can do to turn your Facebook page into a personal branding platform. I’m sure if you start with these 7, you’ll outperform a lot of your competitors. Before you begin, visit other pages and let them inspire you: go to Facebook pages.

What’s your experience with using Facebook pages for personal branding? Share your experience or  ask any question about Facebook pages in the comment box below.

Juan Felix

Juan Felix, is an Associate Writer at Smedio, a Political Scientist, a social media strategist and founder of Mirror Yourself. Juan got his Masters Degree in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam. His extensive experience in Marketing Research in diverse fields has enabled him to understand how to connect organizations with their customers.
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