5 Steps to Develop a Social Media Plan for Your Business

Social Media is gradually emerging as a norm rather than an exception in the business fraternity. However, using social media requires a careful thought process and strategic planning. Over the last couple of years, I have observed drastic changes in how businesses use social media and with all my experience, I can say that social media has a bright future in the business world.

Changing the tenor of obsolete marketing mantras, Social media has emerged as an indispensable tool for business, offering opportunity to closely observe your customer, communicate directly with them and it provides an unmatched capability to gauge the results of such conversations instantaneously and intimately.

With the passage of time, the platform of social media marketing has grown and developed enough to trigger the growth of a business. With this motive, I am sharing five steps of developing a powerful social media plan to expand the reach of your business.

Step 1- Observe

Social media sites were earlier used primarily for online conversations only and if you want to attract customers’ attention, you have to be a part of their conversations.

Is that easy to do? Well, I’d suggest that you closely monitor what people are discussing and how you can contribute to their discussion.

Online marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of any business’ social media strategy and its effectiveness depends on your selection of keywords. The more effective keyword you choose the more positive results you get. Take my word on that, though it’s the thorniest part of social media but it ensures clear-cut results.

Step 2 Recognize the talent inside your company

As mentioned earlier, social sites makes people interact not company, so once you observe and recognize the flow, its time to appoint a person to participate.

Talent recognition

Obviously, nobody wants communicate with a person who can not resolve their problem.   People love to talk to a professional and knowledgeable social media guru who has rich experience, and is empowered to sort out their queries. Impart appropriate training to your staff before they participate in your business’ social media plan.

Make strategy

Social media has a vast span and it offers several platforms to fulfill needs of various businesses. Instead of getting your self indulged in all of them, it’s good to start with one or two tools which match your objectives.

Step 3 Get Noticed

Let’s have some fun and get noticed. Activities such as leaving comments on blog, uploading images on Flick, sharing videos, create a new community accelerates further discussion and helps you in establishing online relationships.

Step 4 Approach local or offline sources too

Undoubtedly, still there are many areas which are full of potential but still untapped for social media adoption in the business world. To explore such avenues, try the offline route. Events such as trade shows, exhibitions, conferences etc. are the best way to build relations with your online as well as local customers.

Step 5 Evaluate Success

Evaluation is needed to measure the outcome of your social media plan. There are various tools which enables users to track and prepare statistical reports to get a clear idea about the effectiveness of social media plan. Through such tools, you can compare your business’ performance head to head with your competitors and chalk out plans accordingly.

Have a clear goal in your mind, set the right expectations for your business and then formulate a social media plan that best suits your requirements. I hope these five steps will help you develop an effective social media plan to boost your business.

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
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