4 Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

Customer service requires a human touch.

Sure, messaging, emails, and online forums are all useful tools in allowing your customers to have 24 hour access to your services, but nothing can replace a human connection and solve a problem faster than a genuine conversation. Much is lost in the digital exchange that can be used to promote a smoother interaction and quicker response to any situation.

According to Oracle’s Customer Experience Impact report, 89 percent of consumers began doing business with a competitor following poor customer service and 50 percent of consumers gave a brand only one week to respond to a complaint before taking their business elsewhere. Effective customer service is crucial in retaining your customer base.

So, the challenge becomes, how can you integrate human connectivity with your online presence?

Streamline Your Contact Center

Nothing is more frustrating for consumers than to get switched from agent to agent with no resolution to their issue. You can remedy this problem by using a cloud contact center. The cloud contact management software offered by Zipwire, offers features like multi-session chat, advance reporting and recording, and supervisor desktops to allow you to reduce the amount of resources you employ, and save you money—all while satisfying customers.

Separate Profiles Are Key for Customer Service

You might be thinking that you have a solid social media presence and your customer service team responds to customer feedback across your company social media channels. However, a recent study conducted by SimplyMeasured found that brands offering the best customer service, have a separate profile for customer service issues so that response time is greatly reduced.

Nokia for example, has an average response time of about four hours, partly due to the fact that they have a separate Twitter account titled Nokia Care, with the Twitter handle @NokiaHelps, to deal with customer issues. Technical experts tweet back and fourth with consumers until the issue is resolved. Nokia’s approach to customer service has proved to be more successful than their earlier methods, including taking customer inquires by phone.

Find Problems before They Happen

Another way you can build a stellar customer service reputation is by working to find problems with your products or services before your consumers alert you. Software like Trackur offers you the capabilities to monitor your social media profiles for trends, influence scoring, and keyword discovery, so you can be immediately aware of similar issues before they become problems.

By using software like Trackur, you can let your customers know that you are listening, and that you care enough to respond to issues based on their valuable feedback.

Decrease Your Response Time

Generally, when customers contact you about issues with your product, the last thing they want to do is wait for days on end to receive a response. Instead of being the company that ignores such concerns, take note from KLM, a dutch airline that is a veritable rock star in terms of social media customer service.

With #HappytoHelp as their tagline, KLM boasts a lightning fast response time of just 32 minutes, and a clock on their Facebook page updates every five minutes to let consumers know how quickly their needs will be addressed. This strategy is effective because customers are in the know about where they stand in line and recognize the dedication to service right off the bat.


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