3 Essential Tools To Increase Sharing Of Your Blogposts

Site SpeedThe one thing, that each of us can’t get enough of for our blogposts is simple: tweets, likes and other shares of our blogposts.

A lot of it comes down to us providing great content for our readers. The better your articles, the more shares you get, it’s very straight forward.

Yet, at the same time, there are some smaller things we can do, to get an extraordinary return. One being, to simply add a few extra tools to your blog, that will help you get more shares in no time.

Here are the 3 most crucial tools, that have proven to increase shares of your articles very easily:

Digg Digg – Awesome sharing buttons

Digg Digg is a super simple tool to add a great set of sharing buttons to your website. It allows you to add a popular floating bar, just like you see here or add various buttons to the top or the bottom of your posts.

What is most helpful with the plugin is that it comes with a great number of button options, including newcomer buttons Pinterest and Buffer. Frequent updates are also good sign of continual improvement of the sharing plugin.

Why does it increase sharing of your articles?

There was a very interesting piece of research put out recently by BrightEdge. They looked into how sharing of your website can increase through prominently displaying sharing buttons.

What I found most spectacular was that sites with improved sharing options, can have 7 times more mentions on Social Media than sites who neglect it.

W3 Super Cache – higher performance of your blog

W3 Super Cache is one of the best rated WordPress plugins to help you improve performance of your blog. It will speed up the loading time of your posts by up to 10X.

The plugin is used by the top blogs out there, including Mashable, Smashingmagazine and others. It’s a true must have add-on for your blog to ensure speedy loading more shares of your articles

Why does it increase sharing of your articles?

Analytics service KISSmetrics has put out a fantastic infographic explaining how a faster loading time can improve your bottom line.  The key, as you can see is that the faster the site loads, the lower the bounce rate. And the longer people will have the option to share your great articles:

Author box – personalize the experience

Something that is easily overlooked is to add a great author box to your articles. Or if you already have one, to optimize it further. Here is a great list of different author boxes you can use, especially if you run a blog with multiple authors.

With these plugins, you will be able to easily link to your social networking profiles, add a picture and a nice author byline for your readers. You can even customize the colour very conveniently.

Why does it increase sharing of your articles?

One thing I realized, is that after I implemented the author box, not only would shares of articles slightly increase, but also comments on posts would be a lot more.

Having a strong author byline that tells a great story about yourself, can be a fantastic driver for more engagement in your articles. Be sure to spend some time on optimizing it and finding what resonates with your readers.

Those 3 simple add-ons shouldn’t take you long at all to implement I believe. And even if you have some form of these plugins in place, maybe it is worth taking a look if you can optimize them further.

I hope this will help get your articles more shares and grow your blog faster than before. Which steps do you think could be useful for improving your blogs sharing performance?

Douglas Idugboe

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who help businesses grow their revenue.
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