Proven Tips for Successful Holiday Marketing

Holiday Marketing

Holiday marketing is back in season as we approach the end of another year. By now, we have all heard of the anti-Christmas movement that is challenging the traditional approach to holiday marketing. Perhaps shoppers are tired of seeing ads with Santa, flanked by his reindeer, holding bow-wrapped copies of the new iPhone 6/plus or…

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3 Content Marketing Tactics to Try Today

Content Marketing Tactics

With content marketing continuing to forge ahead as a concept and a force within the business world, it’s unlikely your company doesn’t have some opinion around it. Maybe you dabble in putting out blog posts when you get around to it, or perhaps it’s your sole marketing strategy. Whether you’re just going through the motions…

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How to Embrace Mobile Market Domination

Mobile Market Domination

The rate of smartphone adoption has surpassed all other consumer technology in history: it has been adopted ten times faster than PCs in the 1980s and two times faster than even the Internet in the 1990s. The expansion of tablets and smartphones worldwide continues to expand at an incredible rate with around 6 billion subscribers…

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How Your Business Can Make The Most of Social Media this Holiday Season

Holiday Season

The holiday season is around the corner and people all around the world are beginning to get into a festive mood. As a business, how do you make the most of the fantastic opportunities during this holiday season? The answer is – Think and Act Social! Holiday season means time for shopping, outings and family…

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How to Influence Purchasing Decisions [#infographics]

How to Influence Purchase Decisions

How do you influence purchasing decisions in your business? For many businesses, on and offline, getting people to visit their sites is not as challenging. Their major challenge is getting those visitors to buy what they sell, and buying more of it. The reason they struggle with influencing their prospects buying decisions is because they…

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4 Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

Customer service requires a human touch. Sure, messaging, emails, and online forums are all useful tools in allowing your customers to have 24 hour access to your services, but nothing can replace a human connection and solve a problem faster than a genuine conversation. Much is lost in the digital exchange that can be used…

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What Comes Before You Dare Sell on Social Media

Sell on Social Media

Do you “dare” to sell on social media? I am sure you would. You are an entrepreneur. You’ve jumped the hoop already. You’ve learnt to face your fears square. On social media, however, it’s not a matter of how intrepid, brash, and reckless you can be. That won’t guarantee “sales”. Once upon a time, social…

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How to Make Print Marketing Work for You in the Digital Age

Print Marketing

Print marketing seems like a dying species to many observers. The explosion of digital marketing in recent years has made print seem obsolete. A dinosaur that once ruled the advertising world, print is no longer cost-effective, useful or deserving of consideration for businesses seeking to attract the attention of potential customers. Or maybe not. In…

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Simplified Tech Tools

Tech Tools

Tech tools made to simplify your business could be catalyst for growth in today’s business environment. The fact is, mall businesses are growing. In fact, 54 percent of all U.S. sales come from our 23 million small businesses, and the number of small businesses in the U.S. increased 49 percent since 1982, according to The Small…

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The 6 Immutable Laws of Effective Copywriting

Effective Copywriting

Effective copywriting can move mountains. Well, maybe not. That’s hyperbole. At least, it gets people to take action. But the old-school thinking that “written copy” ought to be “salesmanship in print” is quickly losing sheen. Just as fast as traditional sales is. Something changed. A new movement is up. Customers have too much content to…

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7 Time Proof Ways to Simplify and Strengthen Your SEO

SEO Simplified

SEO can be confusing for new site owners who only have time to sell and no time to deal with the minutia of good and bad search engine optimization. Even the smallest tweak to your code or site organization can help search engines better understand your goals and what you should rank for. Before you…

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4 Things the Pope Can Learn from Justin Bieber’s Twitter Profile

Pope Francis vs Justin Bieber

What can the Pope learn from Justin Bieber’s Twitter profile? Since becoming Pope in March 2013, Pope Francis has become one of the most beloved public figures in the world. His renowned humility and concern for the poor, as well as his outspoken stance on gay and women’s rights has endeared him to even the…

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How to Increase Your Reach With a Facebook Contest

Facebook Contest

Facebook contest is one of the most underused tools on Facebook. With the ongoing tweaks and changes to Facebook’s algorithm, using Facebook as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly strategic. It’s more difficult to get posts into news feeds and quality content is more important than ever. A focus on engagement with strong calls to…

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5 Reasons Leveraging LinkedIn is a Smarter Business Move

Leveraging LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn for business growth is something lots of businesses are missing out on. Whether you are a freelancer looking for work, an agency looking for new business, a corporation looking to connect with existing customers or even a human resources manager looking for your next big hire; LinkedIn fills many different roles for a…

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How iPhone 6 Features Compare in Innovation to other iPhones

iPhone 6 Features

Everybody’s looked forward to see the new iPhone 6, and now 6 Plus. What do you think was the most wanted feature? Better camera? Bigger screen? You’d be surprised. Customer surveys showed most people wished for improved battery life. As for entirely new features, sapphire glass tops the expectations list but missed the update list.…

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